Can You Freeze Soda?

Can you freeze soda? You can’t store soda in a bottle or jug. The carbonation of soda can cause it to expand when frozen, and could cause the soda to explode in the freezer, or when you go to open it. But, you could store soda in an ice cube tray!

As summer is fast approaching, you may be considering some innovative ways to make delicious cocktails for the beach or entertain friends and family.

Perhaps you walked into your pantry and noticed the stack of soda cans and thought “what would happen if I put a can in the freezer?”

It’s not the answer unless you wish to put your face at risk by putting your drink in a bottle or can exploding in your freezer due to the carbonation.

Find out more about the reasons why you shouldn’t put that soda bottle in the freezer, and then what will happen when you put it in the freezer.

What Happens When Fou Freeze Soda?

While it is attractive to put your soda in the freezer in order to make it a frozen treat, it is best to keep the can out of the freezer.

I once put an empty soda can in the freezer compartment of my mini-refrigerator and it almost completely blew up the door!

Sodas are primarily made from water in addition, once you’ve frozen water the liquid expands. Because soda bottles and cans typically are full to the top, there’s no room for the liquid to go when it has cooled.

They also undergo carbonation which is a process in which carbon dioxide is introduced into the liquid at high pressure in order to create the bubbly, fizzy end product. The gas is responsible for the pleasing fizz of a great soda can.

In addition, add the swelling of the submerged water and the carbonation and you’ve got the recipe for catastrophe.

If your soda is frozen, it expands and pushes carbon dioxide to the outside as it is more soluble in solids than liquids. This could result in the bottles losing shape and could even explode whether within the freezer or upon opening it.

Can You Freeze Soda In Ice Cubes?

The biggest issue when freezing soda is when you attempt to freeze the bottle that it comes in. As a rule of thumb water-based liquids (like soda or juice) will increase in volume by around 10% after they’ve been frozen. Therefore, unless they’re in a bottle or a container with plenty of room for expansion, you’re likely to run into issues.

But, can you also freeze soda in an ice cube tray? Yes, you can! Make sure to leave enough space inside the tray for the soda to expand, so that it doesn’t spill all over the place.

Keep in mind that when you freeze soda, the CO2 is removed, meaning you’ll go through a loss of fizz after it is thawed.

If you store the soda inside an ice tray, you will not have smooth ice cubes but rather, something with more of a smooth texture. The reason soda is frozen in this form is that it pushes water molecules out of the form they must be in to create the ice.

The only way to make smooth soda ice cubes is to use a substance that can be used to freeze carbon dioxide in the form of dry frozen ice as well as liquid nitrogen. However, if you’re looking to get more than a frozen liquid soda then freezing it inside an ice tray is well!

Can You Freeze Soda In A Cup?

Similar to the method of freezing soda using an ice cube tray it is also possible to freeze it in a cup. Make sure that you leave a bit of space on the top. The most effective general rule is to leave about one inch of space under the rim to allow the soda to expand.

Be aware that freezing your soda is likely to create the texture of slush and will also lose carbonation when you freeze it. This means that you’ll get all the taste of the soda, but most likely you won’t experience the same, if not any fizziness after you’ve frozen it.

Can You Freeze Soda Water?

The carbonation of soda water works in the same way as the flavor of sweetened sodas. The only difference is that it does not contain sugar. Also, you shouldn’t make soda water freeze in the bottle or can that it is packaged in, or it could explode.

You can, however, freeze soda water using an ice cube tray, or cup as well, but as soda, it will be devoid of carbonation and will become more like a slushy texture but not an ice cube that is solid.

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