Can You Freeze Vegan Cheese?

Can you freeze vegan cheese?
Can you freeze vegan cheese?

Can you freeze vegan cheese? Yes, it is possible. Similar to normal cheese it is possible to freeze vegan cheese. It is not likely to cause health issues but you must remember how the texture and taste can be affected. This is the reason it is advised to store it in the freezer when you intend to use it in cooking. Cheese that is frozen and thawed can easily be utilized in recipes in which you require a cheese topping.

Vegan cheeses that are chalky, waxy, don’t melt, and do not taste like cheese are now a thing of the past in the present. With the market full of top-quality alternatives, those following a plant-based lifestyle are looking to get the most of the healthy alternatives.

If you’re adhering to a dairy-free lifestyle or just love eating cheese made from plant sources You might be wondering if it is possible to store vegan cheese in the freezer.

Find out more about freezing vegan cheese, which includes the best varieties that are suitable, methods for defrosting, and more.

Guide To Freezing Vegan Cheese

With vegan diets increasing there are more vegan food-related concerns always being asked.

There weren’t many good alternatives to dairy products. Nowadays there’s a market filled with options that are as good as the alternatives of non-vegan “competitors”.

Who doesn’t like melting cheese on the crust pizza? or delicious mac and cheese that is creamy? Everyone does. And vegans do too! But the challenges regarding plant-based cheeses are real, and there are a lot of unanswered questions concerning the “real” cheese analogs.

The people who follow a plant-based lifestyle don’t have the same variety of cheese options as extensive as those who aren’t vegans. However, the most well-known and well-loved varieties of cheese including cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and gouda, have earned an exclusive place on the market. Cream cheese made from vegan ingredients is an option to consider if you are looking for an easy dip for chips or vegetables.

Cheese in general, there are a few varieties that are suitable to be frozen. Every cheese has its unique properties and, consequently, reacts differently when stored inside the freezer.

How Does Freezing Affect Vegan Cheese?

Freezing food is a fantastic way to prevent food from deteriorating. It stops any growth of bacteria and microorganisms within food products and reduces the process of spoilage. However, it is important to note that when food is put into the freezer, the nutrients will slowly be destroyed as an inevitable process.

The texture and flavor changes of defrosted frozen and thawed cheese are more to be due to the freezing process than the kind of cheese.

When you put it into the freezer, the ice forms within the cheese. Apart from that, there’s usually some moisture in vegan cheese, which is also transformed into ice.

When defrosted, all of the water is melted, creating changes in texture and flavor. The cheese that is defrosted might be less delicious than it did before being stored in the freezer. In terms of texture related, vegan cheese that is thawed tends to be more crumbly and coarse.

Which Vegan Cheeses Can Be Frozen?

The cheeses that are best suited to freeze are the ones that are hard like parmesan or vegan cheddar. Semi-soft vegan mozzarella is also able to remain in the freezer. But, after defrosting the texture could become slightly softer than it was originally.

Vegan Ricotta, which is typically made of coconut, tofu, and a few nuts, like almonds and cashews and cashews, can be frozen in contrast to the notion that soft cheeses cannot freeze well. It is important to note that ricotta defrosted is most suitable for pasta fillings, is not suitable for salads or spread on a slice of crisp toast bread.

The vegan cream cheese may be the least suitable choice for freezing. While there aren’t any risks to health, however, the texture is sluggish the most upon defrosting.

The only way to make the texture changes less obvious is to use frozen cream cheese when cooking or baked products.

The recipe or the brand vegan cream cheese could turn out to be too watery and grainy.

How long can you keep vegan cheese in your freezer?

The shelf life of various varieties of vegan cheeses is different.

Vegan cheese that is purchased in stores and not opened can be stored for up to four months and up to one week after the time of opening.

Vegan cheese made from scratch can last for about 4-6 days inside an airtight container. However, it is worth noting that some types like homemade parmesan cheese, will last 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

Be sure to pay attention to the directions. If the life of the fridge of cheese seems enough to let you have it all to the very end Do not place it in the freezer.

If you want to buy more of your favorite cheese, you can place your cheese in the freezer to last for approximately 6 months. Vegan cheese made from scratch can be frozen, but its shelf-life is much shorter at least three months.

How do I freeze vegan cheese?

If you plan to store your favorite vegan cheese, it’s recommended to adhere to a few simple guidelines to ensure that the cheese stays in good shape when it’s frozen.

One of the most crucial things you should keep in your head is that the bag that you put the cheese into should have the highest airtightness possible.

When the items are put in the freezer chemical changes occur due to the contact with air. This is why we typically notice changes in the flavor or scent of the product once it’s spent a while in cold storage.

If you would prefer not to have this occur to the vegan cheese you make, place it in a paper wrapper and attempt to get rid of all air. It is also possible to use an airtight container.

When you freeze vegetarian hard cheeses, it’s advised to cut them into pieces prior to placing them in the freezer. It is much simpler to use the cheese that has been shredded for cooking. Apart from that when defrosted vegan cheese could become brittle and difficult to cut.

If you’ve completed everything properly, however, the cheese doesn’t look or smell good It is recommended to not eat it.

Can You Freeze Vegan Cheese Slices?

There’s nothing wrong with having vegan cheese frozen prior to being cut into slices. Additionally, it makes it simpler. Cheese slices will be useful when creating sandwiches or hamburgers. It can also be used for pizzas too.

How to defrost vegan cheese

If you’ve got vegan frozen cheese that you want to defrost it, be aware of how to avoid any changes in texture and flavor in the least amount possible.

There are three methods of defrosting plant-based cheese based on the amount of time. The cheese can be defrosted:

  • In the refrigerator.
  • On the counter.
  • Microwaves are microwaves.

Defrosting Vegan Cheese In The Refrigerator

Refrigerating cheese after you’ve taken off the frozen portion is the ideal method to bring it back to the life it was before. In order to do this begin by examining the quality of the cheese before deciding if it has been packed. If the packaging is airtight it is safe to eat.

If the packaging has been broken and the cheese was exposed to air during its stay stored in the refrigerator, the cheese could have taken in unwanted bacteria. In addition, damaged or partially open packaging could result in cheese being exposed to other smells.

For defrosting vegan cheeses in your fridge Place the cheese on an ice cube on a plate, and allow it to cool for 24 to 24 days. While defrosting, put the package on to ensure that the moisture is not lost, and taste the cheese prior to placing it inside the freezer.

Defrosting the food in the refrigerator is the most effective way to ensure that you keep the original taste as well as texture.

Defrosting Vegan cheese on The Counter

Defrosting the cheese on the counter is the same step to do it in the refrigerator. The only distinction is that it will be thawed in less time, about 2-3 hours.

The amount of time will vary based on the cheese type. Cheeses that are harder will require longer to completely defrost.

Defrosting Vegan Cheese In The Microwave

If you’re in a hurry and require to defrost your vegan frozen cheese in a flash, your only option is to microwave.

Get the package out and place it in the oven for approximately 40 seconds. Set the power to the lowest setting to allow the cheese to be equally frozen.

Be aware that freezing vegan cheese using the microwave is the last resort since it can alter the texture of the cheese quite slightly.

Furthermore, the method of defrosting is suitable for cheeses that are hard since soft cheeses will melt and remain frosted inside.

Can You Refreeze Vegan Defrosted Cheese?

Vegan cheese that was removed from the freezer is a bad idea. The texture and flavor will be severely affected. Apart from that, very rarely are there any nutrients that are left inside the cheese.

In fact, it is suggested to use vegan cheese defrosted to cook with whenever you can.

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