Can You Make Apple Pie With Frozen Apples?

Can you make apple pie with frozen apples? Yes, you can use frozen apples to make your apple pie. If you’re planning to freeze the apples you anticipate will be later used in pie, it’s recommended that you prepare the filling beforehand to freeze the complete filling.

Apple pie is among the most comforting desserts. There is something about warm baked apple pie (or any other pie) that makes you feel like the comforts of home.

You’ll not only get a delicious taste, but it’s also comfortable and warm by itself.

Apple pie is an absolute must if you’re a lover of apples! Even those who aren’t huge apple enthusiasts can still like apple pie. It’s simply delicious. The apple pie filling may vary a bit.

Certain people will make apple pie filling, so they can grab it and go. They may also purchase canned. Some people prepare fillings and freeze them to use later.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make an apple pie with frozen apples or filling that has been frozen. There are a few tips for getting the most effective results. Also, you may notice some variations based on how you freeze the apples in the first place.

Keep reading to learn more about making apple pie using frozen apples!

Frozen Apples To Yummy Pie

We would like to inform the world that using frozen apples for pie fillings is far more effective in making pie than using simply frozen apple slices. This is because you have the filling prepared.

You can then move into making the pie instead of needing to use frozen apples to make the filling.

Making apple pie fillings before you freeze the mix is much simpler. But you can make it using frozen apples, but it’s not as easy. That’s the first thing you should be aware of here.

Also, we wish to remind you that apples will freeze more efficiently when mixed in a filling. The apples are coated and are less likely to turn discoloration or brown in this manner.

Using Frozen Apples For Apple Pie

We’ll start by talking about using apples that have been frozen. It will be a great idea if you store your apples correctly after putting them inside the refrigerator. Because apples are known to get brown, you’ll most likely freeze them by adding lemon juice.

You must definitely cut the apples or chop them up in the shape you’d like your apples to have before making pie fillings using the apples.

They are much easier to use if you’ve got the best preparation possible prior to freezing them.

Here’s the problem when using apples that have been frozen. It is essential to use them to create your pie filling. However, you shouldn’t freeze them to the point of melting.

If they freeze, it is more likely to be watery or discolored. Therefore, it is essential to find a healthy balance.

But, you can let them cool just enough to allow you to use them, assuming that you’ve cut them into pie-sized pieces.

Important Tips to Be aware of

Some apples maintain their crispness better after being frozen. If you stick with the apples you use when using frozen apples, you’ll achieve more success.

Here are the top options:

  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Empire
  • Cortland
  • Jonagold

You’ll find that these specific varieties of apples have a firm, textured texture, and if you store them frozen while they’re still soft, they’ll remain fairly firm, even when they are defrosted while baking in the form of a pie.

If you’d like to keep your apples from getting soggy or issues in making your fillings, then go ahead and sugar-pack your apples or simply create the pie filling to freeze. Do not let the apples thaw when you freeze them.

Soggy fillings are the biggest problem you’ll face when using frozen apples.

This should not be a problem if you store them in the freezer until baking. Another issue is the possibility for the apples to get brown, but in the event that you bake them from frozen, you’ll be safe.

Using Frozen Apple Pie Filling For Pies

A better alternative to using frozen apples is to make the frozen filling for apple pie. For instance, if you have harvested a lot of apples you want to store away, then you can make many portions of pie fillings instead of freezing the apples.

It will provide you with a generous portion of apple pie filling, which you can put in the pie at your table.

It’s an easy process to do this, and you can either thaw it up or keep it frozen when ready to cook an apple pie. It will be just perfect.

Follow these steps to make the apple pie filling freeze:

  1. Cut apples into slices and mix all the ingredients needed for the Apple Pie filling. You can use any recipe you want to make this.
  2. Scoop out the amount you will need to make one pie into the freezer bag of a gallon or into a freezer-safe dish If you’d like.
  3. Tag and date each bag.
  4. Secure it all securely.
  5. Put it into the freezer until you’re ready to use it!

The benefit of making pie fillings before you freeze the apples is that it’s all set to go. There’s no need to worry about the apples following.

It is less likely that you will experience the effects of browning or frustration since you’ll need to make the pie filling from frozen apples.

Thawing Apple Pie Filing

You can defrost the pie filling if preferred. In this scenario, it’s less likely to become mushy or soggy since it was preserved in the rest of the components that comprise the pie filling. They will also assist during the process of thawing.

The pie filling can be thawed by placing the pie filling by placing it in the fridge overnight or soaking it in warm water for 30-60 minutes. You’re totally in control!

Some people may even let it thaw in part using the microwave. The partial thaw could help you form it into a pie crust.

Baking with frozen filling

Another alternative is to put the filling that has been frozen directly into the pie. The only problem with this is that it’ll remain a solid piece once it’s completely frozen. It could be difficult to shape into an ice cream pie.

As we said, you can just partially defrost or thaw so that the filling is more elastic and easy to manipulate. But, it’s perfectly fine for baking your pie using the frozen, partially, or frozen apple and filling.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark

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