Can You Microwave Frozen Fries? What You NEED To Know!

Can you microwave frozen fries? It’s not recommended for your fry to be microwaved. There are a few choices that are made to be microwave-friendly. However, aside from that, chances are that you’ll be left with chewy or soggy French fries.

French fries are a great addition to the meal, especially when you buy frozen fries and then quickly fry them, bake them, or even throw fries into an air-fryer.

They are a great quick-fix dinner side dish or even as an appetizer or snack and can be customized however you’d like.

Of course, there are a lot of people who prepare their fries. However, it’s not always an option if you’re with a busy schedule. Sometimes you’ll require an easy fix.

Then you pull the fries from the freezer and open the bag to find out what’s the fastest method of heating them.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a complete review of microwave French fries. We’ll also share with you all the information you need to learn about how to cook French fries quickly and without the microwave.

Keep reading to learn more about the basics of microwave French fries and much more!

Can You Microwave Frozen Fries?

We’ve already shared the secret to cooking frozen fries in the microwave.

We would like to point out that you may be able to reheat fries already prepared using the microwave. You could read our guide for detailed instructions on heating the fry in the microwave.

The process of cooking fries frozen is a bit more difficult and requires more effective techniques to ensure that your fries turn out crisp on the exterior, soft on the interior, and perfectly cooked.

For the majority of fries, it isn’t a good idea when you microwave them. You can discover this by looking through the packaging for the frozen fries you are interested in.

Most of these kits likely come with ovens or toaster oven methods for cooking fries. There may also be instructions for cooking the fries.

Some fries have upgraded their packaging with instructions for using the air fryer. However, you’ll probably need to test the air fryer without those instructions.

When cooking frozen fries, we typically suggest you stick to one of the suggested methods in the package.

Most frozen fries don’t come with instructions for cooking in the microwave. This is because they do not do the best cooking in that manner.

If you’re a fan of that, your fries are limp and soggy. You can test it!

There are specific fries available that let you cook them using the microwave. Ore Ida is a popular brand that makes exactly such fries. We’ll talk more about these in a minute.

It is possible to locate other brands offering similar services as well.

We’re trying to emphasize that regardless of whether they’re made specifically for this use or are made with instructions for cooking in the microwave, it is not advisable to rely on microwaves to take advantage of the frozen fries.

Let’s discuss the fries we talked about just a few minutes ago.

The Most Delicious Microwave French Fries

If you don’t have the oven or toaster oven, or air fryer or do not want to mess with one of these devices, it is possible to purchase frozen fries that are microwave-safe.

What is it that makes them microwave-friendly, whereas other fries aren’t?

The truth lies within the packaging, and it’s truthful. The goal of fries is to be crispy when they’re done. They shouldn’t be too hard or burnt. However, they shouldn’t be overly soft or soggy too.

It’s a sad result you’ll receive from microwaves.

A positive side note is that there are companies that think ahead to develop an efficient solution that works with microwaves. Ore Ida is one of these companies.

The package includes an appliance box, not a bag. The full analysis of this product is the following.

I Recommend Ore Ida Ready in 5 Frozen Fries

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Ore Ida has a reputation for its frozen potatoes. They’re delicious and are made from fresh potatoes.

Key Features:

  • Ready in just 5 minutes
  • Specially designed microwave packaging
  • Easy to prepare and cook.
  • They taste almost as delicious as frozen fries that are cooked in different ways.
  • There are no ovens, oil, or other equipment required.
  • Two types of fries to pick from.

They are made to be shiny and crisp on the outside, with the perfect texture and a nice finish on the inside when you bake them.

Crinkle fries are served as curly fries, waffle fries, steak fries, hash browns, tater tots, mashed potatoes, and many more. They offer an amount of everything and seem to have mastered their potato selection.

These ready-to-eat fries are designed specifically so they can be cooked using the microwave. They are ready for eating in less than five minutes, which makes them an easy fix whenever you require it.

They’ll be crisp when heated in the microwave so that you don’t end up with limp or soggy fries that taste great.

They’re the ideal side, and since they’re microwave-friendly, you can take them to eat in the car in case you require them.

Bring them to work to heat an easy snack, then offer them up to the family (they won’t even know that they’ve been microwaved). You could even add bacon, cheese, or jalapenos and then indulge yourself in the best fries you can find.

Of course, you’ll be able to spice up your meals with whatever toppings and spice you like to them.

How To Cook Frozen French Fries In The Microwave

Ore Ida potatoes are made from the highest grade of freshly peeling potatoes. All their potatoes are grown in America.

The ready-in-five fries are specially designed to cook by microwave. The goal was to offer an efficient solution that could be fast and efficient whenever you require it.

How can you cook an uncooked French fry that can be cooked in the microwave?

It’s really simple. The fries and potatoes are the same. They didn’t alter how fries are made and the food ingredients. They just changed the packaging.

Instead of being in a container that can be placed in pans, they are packaged in a small container. The box is similar to what a frozen meal might be packaged in.

The box comes with crisping sheets that are built into the side of the box. There’s a crisping sheet on both of the lower and upper sides that are the biggest sides that are designed to directly be in contact with every fry in one way or some other way.

The fries should be cooked in an 1100-watt microwave. You can adjust the microwave settings or cook times also. It is important not to overcook the fries to ensure they don’t become hard.

The best part is that Ore Ida has two choices for this particular kind of style. Crinkles that are extra crispy or golden fries with extra-crispy crunch. You can choose!

Overall it’s a good option for those who need frozen fries that can be prepared using the microwave. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, frozen fries aren’t microwave-safe unless the packaging specifically declares them to be.

These are made specifically to serve this purpose, and the package was specifically designed to aid in the process.

One bag of these fries may not be enough for the whole family, but they are the perfect snack or option for just a couple of people.


While it’s unfortunate that the majority of frozen fries can’t be cooked using a microwave however it’s nice to have a solution that can work for you if you require it to.

So the answer to this question isn’t an absolute no-no, and there are many options available!

If you’re planning to make fritters in the microwave, make sure to read the package and determine whether it is an appropriate cooking method.

If nothing else works, If all else fails, grab those Ore Ida ready in 5 fries or try a different cooking method to satisfy your desire for fries.

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