Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the endless questions I have received and hopefully save you time and me!

If you still can’t find the correct answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact me. One of my team or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Yummy Taste Food?

A guide website based around cooking tips, food guides on reheating, freezing, or storing food in your pantry, and recipes.

Are you still a chef?

No, I am no longer a chef. I loved being a chef, every minute of it and especially the traveling part, meeting new people and LEARNING soo much about myself, let alone cooking!

I’m glad I can share some of the valuable lessons I have learned from some of the world’s best chefs.

Can I contribute to Yummy Taste Food?

Of course, get in touch with me, and if your article/guide proposal sounds good, I would be interested in publishing it!

Read our community guidelines on contributing before contacting us.

Can I sponsor a guide or article?

Yes, I accept sponsored placements on articles – but it’s imperative it is suitable for the article or guide and, most importantly, my readership.

If the article is about knives or steak, it needs to be very, very similar to the root niche of the article. I also must believe in the product/brand that I’m sponsoring. You can view this article as a good guideline for sponsorship by Wynter Stores.

Do you accept comments on guides or articles?

No, I had to disable comments on the website due to spam, fake users, and people trying to hack into the website.

We now accept comments on each guide and informational article. The comments section will close 2 months after the last update to help prevent spam.

How do you make money from Yummy Taste Food?

A pretty forward question I received in an email one morning… I’ll happily answer as I want to be transparent as possible.

I make (not much) money from affiliate programs, adverts placed on the website, and the odd time from businesses wanting to sponsor a post. I’m yet to buy a condo in Malibu or drive a Bentley – here’s wishing, ha!