How Long Does Mochi Last?

How long does mochi last? Homemade mochi is perishable and will last only a few days at room temperature. It lasts 7-14 days when stored in a fridge and for up to one month in your freezer. If you don’t open mochi that you bought from the supermarket, it’s more durable due to the addition of preservatives and the airtight container.

Mochi is a well-known Japanese rice cake that can be difficult to store. If you make mochi yourself or purchase mochi, it’s crucial to understand the shelf time of mochi.

Read on to find out more about shelf life and storage conditions for mochi and also how to spot bad mochi.

Does Mochi Go Bad?

Mochi is extremely perishable, especially when it is made from scratch. Mochi is made of sugary small-grain rice. This is why mochi’s texture is soft and sticky and described as being between dough and rice.

Many other ingredients can be mixed into mochi to create different flavors and hues. However, no matter what ingredient you add, keep it in a safe place to avoid it from becoming spoiled.

How To Store Mochi

Mochi can be stored at ambient temperatures, in the fridge, or within the freezer.

If you are making homemade mochi, It is recommended to consume it immediately after you’ve made the rice cakes since that is when they’re the softest.

Keep the mochi in a cool, dry place only if you plan to consume mochi within a day or two. Keep mochi cakes or rice cakes covered to avoid the cakes from drying. Keeping the mochi away from the sun and other heat sources is also crucial.

If it’s humid where you are, there is a good chance that your mochi could turn damp within a few hours. In these instances, you can store mochi in the refrigerator.

The fridge is the best spot to store mochi if you intend to consume mochi in the next few days. Be aware that the cold air inside the refrigerator will cause the rice cakes to dry out and then harden.

If you are storing mochi in the refrigerator, be sure to keep the mochi securely wrapped with food wrap. Or place multiple mochi cakes in one airtight container. If you don’t plan to eat them shortly, you should keep mochi in the freezer.

For mochi bought from a store, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding mochi cakes made of rice storage requirements. Since commercially produced mochi typically contains preservatives, they’re more stable on the shelf.

How To Keep Mochi In The Freezer

To keep mochi in the freezer, follow these steps.

  1. The rice cakes should be coated with corn starch. This is not required. It helps keep mochi’s moisture from dripping out and prevents mochi from sticking to one and sticking to each.
  2. Wrap each rice cake with food wrap.
  3. If you wish to skip this step, put the mochi coated with starch in the zip-top bag and squeeze away the air. Before putting the mochi in the bag, flash the rice cakes in the freezer using a baking sheet and store them in the freezers until they become firm and less sticky.
  4. Mark the mochi by the year.

How Long Do You Expect Mochi To Last?

Fresh mochi can last for 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature, based on how humid and hot it is in your area. The shelf life of mochi is extended by refrigeration by 7, 14, or more days. If you wish to preserve mochi longer, put mochi in the freezer. Mochi made at home can last for about 1 month when stored in freezers.

Store-bought mochi is more durable and has a greater shelf time. Look on the package for information regarding the expiration date for mochi rice cakes.

Commercially produced mochi packed in airtight packaging will last for a couple of months at room temperature and for up to twelve months in the freezer. Once they are opened, they’ll last about one week in the refrigerator or up to two months when stored in the freezer.

Signs Mochi Is Now Bad

If you’ve had mochi for a couple of days, look over mochi cakes carefully before eating them. You can also offer them for your visitors to eat.

There are some indicators of spoilage that can aid in identifying bad mochi.

The first indicator of a poor mochi is the appearance of mold. It is normal for mochi to become moldy, particularly if you store it in the room for a prolonged period.

The second reason is that you should throw away mochi when it becomes not dry enough to consume. The mochi’s outer layer drys out quickly after mochi is left in the fridge. Mochi cakes are kept in the refrigerator, uncovered.

In the end, it is recommended to remove the rice cakes in case they’ve lost their chewy, elastic structure and have become dry and old.

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