How To Reheat A Falafel

How do you reheat falafel balls with no loss of texture or flavor?

Falafel balls are reheated in a toaster, skillet, or in your oven. To ensure that they are heated to perfection then the oven is the best option. In this way, you don’t have to add any oil to cook the falafels. This keeps them crisp.

The falafel is a popular dish that was first discovered in Egypt however it is widely consumed in the Western regions of Asia. They are prepared by frying or baking.

You can store them prior to or after baking. A common problem is they become tough or burned after being heated.

We take a look at some great ways to cook falafel following storage in cold temperatures.

Each Ways To Reheat A Falafel

It all boils down to how to best keep them warm and serve them without losing the taste and texture of falafel.

For deciding on the method you want to use, you should consider the different kitchen appliances, and whether you want to deep fry or pan fry the falafel balls.

Deep Fry

If they were cooked initially You should ensure that you don’t deep fry them as many would think is required. The result is often that the balls are oily and spongy.

The oil needs to be correctly heated prior to placing the Falafel balls into it. The drawback is that the insides of the balls may not be properly heated.


You can also cook falafel balls in the skillet. It will take less time than what is required using an oven. You can be certain that the patties will remain crisp and the method is easier than deep-frying.

You must utilize a substantial skillet, and preferably one made of cast iron.

Pour oil into the pan according to your preference. It will be enough for the number of balls you wish to cook and whether you prefer them either oily or dry. If enough oil is used, the balls are not too wet.

Make sure the skillet is hot prior to putting the balls into it, which can take about 5 mins.

You can also cut open the falafels prior to heating, making the process more efficient and helping crisp up the various portions of the balls.

Toaster Oven or a Conventional Oven

Another easy and fast method to cook falafel is to heat them in the toaster oven. It is possible to throw them in the toaster.

It is crucial to ensure that the toaster does not get overfull to allow for a smooth flow of air.

Reheating falafels in a toaster is like reheating them in regular ovens. Here are the steps for reheating falafels in any oven:

  • Pre-heat the toaster oven or the conventional oven to 350°F.
  • The falafels are wrapped loosely (not entirely) covered in foil. This will stop the falafels from drying out.
  • Cook the falafels for approximately 5 to 15 minutes based on the size. Smaller falafels take shorter time, while bigger falafels may take twice the time.
  • For most optimal results To get the best results, flip the falafels halfway through the reheating.

Important note: Don’t place aluminum foil in a microwave. Aluminum foil is safe for ovens that use a toaster or a conventional oven.

Making Falafels The Right Way

To prevent over-drying out that results in rock-hard balls, utilize a damp towel or a vessel filled with water for heating dry air.

Be sure to utilize as little oil as you can while cooking in the skillet or grill. A lot of oil could result in being soggy and unappealing falafel balls.

In some cases, less more. When you fry, make sure to rotate the balls frequently so that certain sides do not get scorching heat or burned.

If you let one of the balls in touch with oil for too long, it’ll absorb oil and will be unpalatable to eat.

Despite the effectiveness of all these techniques to provide you with warm falafel, this delicious dish is best eaten fresh. It is recommended to get the balls freshly baked or cooked.

It is recommended to make as much dough that you can anticipate is needed over during the following days. use as much dough as you will need for the day. You can store the remainder in the freezer. You can then form them into balls and then bake or cook them.

How Do You Make Falafels

Falafel is a doughnut-shaped snack that is made of chickpeas or fava beans. The dough is garnished with vegetables and spices.

It is popular street food or as a part of the vegetarian diet all over the globe. It is also known as felafel.

These beans are then soaked, crushed, and then mixed into a dough that is made of uncooked chickpeas as well as other ingredients like garlic parsley, coriander, and cumin.

The chickpeas are then soaked for a few hours before being crushed. Falafel-based balls made with chickpeas are modified versions of the traditional recipe that originated in Israel.

It is shaped into the desired shape and baked in the oven or deep-fried.

They can wrap them in taboon, which is a flatbread type, or in a type of pocket known as pita. They can also be wrapped in bread and eaten as a falafel-style sandwich, which is a delicious dessert.

Interesting Facts & Questions

Does falafels taste more delicious fresh or when it is reheated?

As mentioned earlier, falafel balls are delicious when freshly prepared. While there are ways to keep them fresh after they’ve been cooked Reheating them takes patience and care so as not to alter the taste.

You can make a lot of falafel dough, make them into a mold then fry as many as you require, then put the rest at room temperature in the freezer.

Different people have different tastes and the only consensus we can agree on is that people generally perceive fresh food as having a better taste than food that has been preserved and reheated.

The warm falafel balls can be served with eggs that have been fried in the hot sauce or tahini sauce and Hummus.

How long do you need to heat falafel?

It is recommended to heat them for as little as is possible to avoid drying out and burning. The typical heating time is three to five minutes.

If it’s too long, particularly during baking, the result are tough Falafel balls. It will take around 20 minutes in the oven.

Can you put falafel in the freezer?

Falafels that are not cooked.

Form the dough into desired shapes on an uncooked cookie sheet. After that, you put it in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes in order to allow the falafel balls’ to be frozen.

Remove them from the freezer and transfer them into a freezer-safe container for adequate protection. Return them to the freezer. They will last for around 6-months.

Falafels that are already cooked.

First, make Falafel-filled balls. Let them cool. Place them on a cookie sheet , and place them into the freezer for approximately an hour. Remove them and place them layer-by-layer in the freezer-safe bag.

Then, you can put them back in the freezer. If you plan to put them in an airtight container then you must separate them by using a wax paper to prevent sticking.

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