How To Reheat Olive Garden Breadsticks

How do you cook Olive Garden breadsticks? Olive Garden suggests reheating breadsticks on the package by baking them for around five minutes in the bag. They can also be baked in foil and cook them using pans, microwaves, or even a toaster oven.

I’m drooling; right, I can taste it right now. The delicious garlic and butter breadsticks that I bought from Olive Garden. They’re seriously the most delicious! They are perfect with endless soups or salad starters and every delicious Italian meal on the menu.

If we dine eating at Olive Garden, we always remind them that they should keep the breadsticks flowing. If you have an excellent waiter or waitress, they’ll even give you breadsticks in a package ready for you to take home!

What’s better than packing the garlicky goodness in a bag and bringing it home? But the thing is, they’re never like they do when they’re not fresh.

If you look at the package, it gives you some instructions for reheating, and you should go through them! There are other options for reheating too.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best method to heat Olive Garden breadsticks and share with you some easy ideas for other options for reheating too. There are multiple ways to accomplish the task!

Learn how to reheat Olive Garden breadsticks.

Olive Garden Breadsticks Reheating Guide

We’ve already mentioned that Olive Garden has printed instructions on the breadstick packaging when you buy the breadsticks packaged by them or purchase them to take. Let’s go over those directions first.

Since these directions come directly from the source material, we suggest using the first if you have time and the tools to heat them.

Here are the instructions on how to heat your Olive Garden breadsticks, by the directions on the package:

  1. Preheat a conventional oven to 350 °Fahrenheit.
  2. The breadsticks should be left in the bag if you can. If you’ve already removed the bag, you can wrap the breadsticks with foil, place them onto a tray, and cover them with foil.
  3. This way, cook for approximately five minutes or till the sticks are soft and warm.

This is the best method of heating your breadsticks, which Olive Garden recommends. It’s more efficient than heating traditional garlic bread.

Let’s look at an alternative option.

Reheating Olive Garden Breadsticks In The Microwave

Let’s face it; there’s not always an oven to use to heat food for. Sometimes, you’ll take your leftovers to work and only have your breakroom microwave for reheating your needs!

Do not be concerned. Here are the steps for heating Olive Garden breadsticks in the microwave:

  1. Take the bread out of inside the Olive Garden packaging. The packaging isn’t microwaved safely. It does contain an aluminum foil liner.
  2. A light moistening of your paper towel or an old kitchen towel, and wrap it around your bread directly.
  3. Over the wet part, cover a dry layer of bread to ensure that it is fully over.
  4. Reduce the power of microwaves to moderate. We suggest between 30-50%.
  5. Bake the bread in the microwave over medium heat for 45-60 minutes.

The wet towels help to hold in the moisture of the bread. So, you don’t get soft or hard-to-eat bread when you chew it. It stays delicious and soft.

Another reason for wrapping is that bread must be completely wrapped. This is to stop it from becoming hard or dry.

In the end, if you lower the power of the microwave to cook, the microwave won’t be as hard on bread. This will result in the most effective results in the long run. Reduced power is crucial in the outcome, so don’t overlook this step!

Remember that you cannot heat the garlic bread in those Olive Garden bread packets. These packets contain an aluminum foil coating and will have problems if you attempt in the microwave.

Alternatively, you could also heat the Olive Garden breadsticks in a toaster oven when there is one available. If you decide to use this method for reheating, or if it is one you choose to use or you have, then use the similar procedures suggested for heating the breadsticks inside the oven.

It could take a bit longer in the toaster oven.

Other Questions Asked

We hope you will discover this guide for heating Olive Garden breadsticks to be an excellent source of delicious reheated bread!

Do You Need to Refrigerate Olive Garden Breadsticks?

Most of the time, it is advised not to keep bread in the refrigerator. But, breadsticks are usually covered with butter, so it is recommended to store them in a refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Can You Make Your Own Olive Garden Breadsticks?

There are many copycat recipes that you could try to create yourself with breadsticks. Or, you can purchase them from the neighborhood Olive Garden.

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