Best Alternatives To Parchment Paper In Air Fryer

What can you use as an alternative in place of parchment for the air fryer?

A variety of household items are suitable to make your air fryer more efficient such as aluminum foil and bakeware. Silica pots, liners, and pots also work useful. There are a few products that shouldn’t be used, like wax paper or paper towels.

Air fryers are among the greatest kitchen inventions of the 21st century. They not only provide you with the crisp crunchy texture that you get from deep-fried food and other foods, but they do this by using only a tiny amount if any oil.

Making sure the bottom that your fryer is on will lessen the chance of scratching on the machine and keep food from sticking and makes cleaning more simple.

Many people pull out their parchment rolls to line their air fryers this is an optional solution, but it’s not the sole option.

Additionally is that there are already-made air fryer lines that can help you cook easier and faster, and will not cost you a fortune in the process. This article will discuss our best practices on DIY air fryer liners, as well as our top five alternatives for air fryer liners.

Do You Need Air Fryer Liners?

Indeed, you don’t have to have the liners to operate an air fryer. However, there are plenty of reasons why you could choose to do so.

Here are the top advantages of using air fryer liners in the first place:

  • They lower the chances that food items will stick. If you only use the machine or wire racks, there is a possibility that your food may stick to areas, causing additional clutter to clean up and causing damage or even breaking delicate food items such as fish. Air fryers can solve this issue in full.
  • Liners make cleaning your equipment and accessories simple and quick. Liners will not only reduce both time and effort, but it also reduces the wear and tear of the machine. The air fryer will be equipped with fewer scratch marks from food particles or scrubbing, which will extend its lifespan and maximize its efficiency in the long run.
  • They aid in crisping your food, with less chance of burning in the process. Air fryer liners are safe for use at very high temperatures, assisting the food to become very hot, and thus crisping well, but also shielding them from direct exposure to the source of heat, thus reducing the chance of burning. Still, you must be vigilant about your food and cook it safely, but it’s simpler.

What Can You Put In The Air Fryer?

Air fryers are an amalgamation of microwave and oven that could make you wonder if it is suitable to use inside of one. They have specific guidelines that might be a surprise to you.

Before you place anything into your air fryer, make sure to check the instruction manual provided by your manufacturer for safety tips. Additionally, if you regularly use your air fryer frequently it is a good idea to read our article on heat-resistant mats that can be placed under an air fryer.

Can You Put Parchment Paper Into An Air Fryer?

You can certainly put parchment paper inside the air fryer. The most commonly used kind of liner for an air fryer and, if it is used in a proper manner it’s safe for use in an air fryer.

There are important guidelines to follow when using the parchment as a liner to the air fryer but:

  1. Do not use parchment paper in your air fryer on its own. It must always be supported by food to make sure it doesn’t sway around inside and become caught in the heater. This is crucial because it could cause an explosion if you’re not cautious. Always heat your air fryer to a full capacity and only line the machine with food immediately prior to adding it and ensuring that the parchment is firmly weighed.
  2. Always ensure that the parchment paper has holes to allow airflow while making. If there are no holes in the parchment, food won’t be warm enough or cook correctly. Airflow is the most important factor when the use of the oven.
  3. Make sure that your parchment paper is appropriate for the machine you are using. It should line the inside of your fryer with a good amount of and not stick up excessively at around the edge of your basket.

With these basic rules in mind, it’s clear why buying a pre-perforated cut and sized Air fryer liner is by far the best method of operation. It’s still possible to make your own liners with parchment paper that is standard.

How To Make Perforated Perforated Paper

To create the perforated it is necessary to use a hole punch. Ideally, you’ll use a hand-held, single punch that is simple to move around. Three-hole punches can be used for a limited time, but you’ll likely crease the paper quite a bit when you use it.

Making Parchment Perforations Is Easy. Here’s How:

  1. Begin making a cut parchment paper roughly similar to the size of the bottom of the air fryer. Cut it to a size that will fit perfectly inside the bottom, but not soaring up the side of the device.
  2. Utilize your hold punch to create holes that are evenly distributed across the parchment. If the basket is round it may be helpful to create an arc of holes around the circumference of the paper. Then proceed up to an inch, and repeat the procedure.
  3. Repeat until you’ve covered the sheet with holes.

The same method can be used for the small square of paper. You can however move the paper around using horizontal lines in a second line being offset.

The more holes you’ve got, the greater circulation will be to permit the proper preparation. Don’t do this too much because the paper will need to keep its structure. You must balance perforation while ensuring adequate coverage.

If you’re creating the parchment liners, you might want to take a look at some pre-perforated options from the options we offer in this article. This will help you get an idea of the perfect design of holes.

Do You Need Aluminum Foil To Make An Air Fryer?

Aluminum foil can be safe for use in air fryers however, it comes with some limitations.

Your air fryer is equipped with numerous holes located in your basket’s bottom. This lets air circulate in and around the food, evenly cooking it and achieving the perfect crispiness you’re looking for. In the event that you cover those holes in aluminum foil, it will block the airflow and your food won’t be cooked or crisp as you would like when using an air-fryer.

Aluminum foil makes cleaning up a breeze, however, it’s ideal to use it for when you’re only cooking a number of meals that you won’t have to fill the entire inside the air fryer to ensure that air holes remain open.

As with parchment, you’ll want to make sure that the tin foil you use is well-balanced so that it won’t blow all over the air fryer.

Is It Possible To Put Bakeware into An Air Fryer

If you own baking equipment that’s oven-safe no matter if it’s made from glass, ceramic metal, silicone, or metal If it is compatible with your air fryer, it’s safe to use it.

Bakeware is so heavy that you don’t need to be concerned about it blowing around however it can affect how the air fryer functions.

If the air holes are not covered and the edges of the baking dish are too high the airflow around your food is reduced which can affect the speed and quality of cooking.

What NOT To Put In Your Air Fryer

There are other things you shouldn’t use in the air fryer.

  1. paper towels: Do not make use of paper towels in the air fryer. If it is near the heating element, it could be easily ignited. The heat that comes from the inside of the fryer can cause a fire to the paper, causing an hazard of fire with every usage.
  2. Paper made of wax: Do not mix wax paper with parchment paper. You can use it with the air fryer. The wax coating can smoke then melt when it’s exposed any heat source, resulting in an extremely smelly mess nearly instantaneously when the air fryer heats up. It can ruin your food and possibly damage your appliance and, most likely, trigger all the smoke detectors that is on your block.

Air Fry Liners of Various Types

If you are using your air fryer regularly and do not want to spend time making your own liners, you could buy pre-made liners to fit an air fryer. There are many kinds to pick from that will appeal to many kinds of home cooks.

Silicone Basket

A silicone container is a great way to hold your food and put it directly inside the air fryer. The bottom of the basket will typically have raised lines on the bottom, which allow air to circulate under the food and provide space to catch any drips.

Once you’re finished cooking, simply remove the entire basket, and, since it’s constructed of silicone, it’s extremely easy to clean and virtually unbreakable. Your air fryer will remain as fresh as if it were never used.

The air fryer liner can be purchased once, and then used as many times as you require. It’s also flexible and can be used in the oven as well as the microwave, too.

Perforated Parchment Liners for Paper

The most popular type that is used in air fryer liner is parchment papers that are pre-perforated and pre-sized liner. They are single-use, reusable papers created specifically for air fryers.

They are equipped with a pattern of holes that are punched to allow airflow and cooking to be done at the highest level while safeguarding the bottom of the air fryer.

There are many sizes and shapes available, therefore make sure you choose the right package to the air fryer you have.

Air Fryer Silicone Mat

Additionally, you could buy a silicone mat for an air-fryer. These are basically a mix of two of the options mentioned.

The liners are made to be able to fit into the top of your fryer. They are also punctured with holes. The silicone material allows the liners to be reused and, in turn, impervious to destruction.

They also function as heat shields for tabletops or counters.

The Best Air Fryer Liners

After you’ve mastered a few of your options for liner products Let’s take a look at some of the best liner products. We’ve compiled our top five that represent the full range of alternatives:

SortProductKey Features
1.The WaveLu Air Fryer Silicone PotThe basket-shaped silicone
2.By Kitchen Air Fryer Parchment PaperPerforated square paper
3.Geesta Parchment Liner for Air FryersPerforated, round, parchment
4.Airware Filters for Air Frys that can be reusedPerforated silicone, round,
5.Airware Filters for Air Frys that can be reusedSilicone square with perforations,

We have also compiled a complete analysis of each, make sure to check them out.

1. WaveLu Air Fryer Silicone Pot

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The range of options available to this basket is incredible. It lets you make use of your air fryer without making even the slightest scratch or damage to the appliance itself. The basket completely stores the food items from the beginning until the end, safeguarding your investment as well as your food items.

The Key Features:

  • Two sizes are available: Two sizes are available: (3-5 quarters) in addition to the XL (5.3plus quarts)
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • High-heat resistance for up 450F and not flammable

Most glaring drawback: Depending on the food you cook the ridges which allow airflow may also catch food particles or drips. Similar to grill ridges, these ridges should be meticulously cleaned to eliminate any debris, however, it isn’t easy to reach inside the lines.

2. By Kitchen Air Fryer Parchment Paper

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Perforated sheets let ample airflow while keeping your machine and food from sticking to each other and creating a mess. The paper is safe for heat up to 446 F when used correctly and is constructed with safe, food-grade wood pulp.

The Key Features:

  • 100 pieces of 100
  • Perforated square eco-friendly liners for squares
  • Available in various sizes ranging between 6″ up to 10″

Most glaring drawback: In the event that you do not follow the directions and use the papers in a safe manner, with food or food items on them all the time they could burn, despite being heat-safe.

The most frequent complaint concerning these papers is the result of misuse of the product. While the manufacturer has safe usage instructions on their sale page, they do not offer any in the product itself.

3. Geesta Perforated Air Fryer Liners with Parchment

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The liners are basically identical to the ones mentioned above, but they’re specifically designed to fit around air fryers instead of square ones.

Principal Features:

  • Package of 200
  • Perforated eco-friendly round liner
  • Available in a variety of sizes that range between seven” up to 9″

The biggest drawback: Similar issue that it burns isn’t the main negative aspect of this product, and it resulted from improper use. There aren’t any instructions on the packaging, therefore it’s good that you’ve read this article to learn how to use it safely to keep it from burning!

4. Airware Air Fryer Reusable Liners for Air Fryers (Round)

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If you’re not a big person who likes items that can be used only once A silicon mat may be more suitable for your cooking area. This set of two round silicone liners is ideal to line your air fryer. They can also be used to line your oven, microwave, or steamer, and is dishwasher-safe.

The Key Features:

  • Package of two, including 1 black and 1 red
  • Round silicone perforated with holes
  • Available in 9″ or 9″

Most glaring drawback: The dimensions aren’t as large, so you must be sure that they will fit into the bottom of the air fryer prior to buying.

5. Airware Air Fryer Reusable Liners for Air (Square)

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This is the exact brand and nearly the exact product as the listing before This one is intended for use with rectangular air fryers. The BPA silicone is safe to heat up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and is not at risk of burning as could occur when using paper liner.

The Key Features:

  • Package of 2 including 1 black and 1 red
  • Perforated square silicone Liners
  • Available in 7.5″ or 8.5″

Most glaring drawback: The sizes aren’t as large, so be sure that the liner is suitable for the machine you are using it on before buying. It’s also important to know that while silicone is clean and easy for cleaning, it will stain. It’s normal to see some coloration and is secure, however, it can also be ugly.

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