Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants In China [2023]

What are the most popular fast-food restaurants in China? I am so grateful to be a part of China which is something I am about to enter my 14th year of living there. When I tell people I am from China I am almost always told that I am lucky to be there. Also, how much I take pleasure in the food. Let’s address the elephant now. Chinese daily food can be a bit disgusting, such as insects or chickens’ feet.

Fast Food In China

If you believe in all the hype, then China created everything, from fire to football (apparently, don’t believe that though!). In the realm of street food and “fast food” China does however have a legitimate shot. When it comes to quick food options in China street food tends to be the quickest and most certainly the cheaper choice.

Fast Food as we know it is an emerging trend that looks like will be staying for the foreseeable future in China.

Food Fast Food From China Today

Fortunately, China is not complete heathens, as the Chinese have allowed in our beloved Clowns as well as Colonels. They’ve also come up with their own recipes for late-night drinking or for afternoon hangover food.

It also gained enormous popularity due to its cleanliness, but most importantly, it’s trendy and very middle class.

Here’s my list of the top five Fast food eateries in China you’ll find hunger-stricken in China’s middle kingdom. Beware that not every one of them will serve you a hamburger!

The Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants of China

They are ranked by popularity and the number of chain outlets.

5. McDonalds

The number of chain outlets in 2012: 1,689

The number of chain outlets in 2013: 1,964

Following the film “the founder”, you might think McDonalds is the largest fast-food company across the globe.

However, in the top five fast-food establishments in China the Chinese only make their 5th position. Chinese MaccieD’s aren’t good, since a huge Mac is still considered a huge mac. However, they are devalued because of the lack of milkshakes, and other breakfast foods that contain soya milk. However, you can still find things such as a sausage McMuffin. This creates McDonalds among the top breakfasts you can find in China.

4. The Bruce Lee Restaurant

The number of chain outlets in 2012: 1,550

The number of chain outlets in 2013: 2,000

If you’re walking through China and come across fast-food restaurants that have Bruce Lee on the sign it’s these guys and they’re all over the place. The food is a lot like Chinese fast food rice plates, noodles, and vegetables with virtually none of the taste. I often wonder whether Bruce Lee gave his permission for this!

In general, you can find superior Chinese fast food in the streets, but at the very least Bruce Lee does have an extremely tidy toilet for paying customers.

3. Dicos

The number of chain outlets in 2012: 1,517

The number of chain outlets in 2013: 2,160

The first Chinese imitation, Dicos copied KFC but they got it right and did many things wrong. The fried chicken is a joke, however, the chicken burgers are pretty tasty, and they even offer a burger using rice buns. Hangover heaven! You’ll find Dicos in nearly every airport and train station.

It’s no longer seen as a KFC replica. They are now quite a distinct part of the Chinese fast food industry.

2. Hua Lai Shi

The number of chain outlets in 2012: 3,000

The number of chain outlets in 2013: 4,000

Dicos can be described as the KFC Rip-off Dicos, as well as Hua Lai Shi is the general rip-off of ripoffs that have menus that cover the majority of everything. Burgers and pizzas, fried chicken, pizzas, noodles, and everything you can think of they’ve done, but they’re doing it pretty badly!

It’s based on Western food, which means it’s superior to chicken feet.

They are sold under a variety of names, including the famous Wallace Fried Chicken, however, the origins are of the same firm, and they’re all as awful as one another.

1. KFC

The number of chain outlets in 2012: 5,275

The number of chain outlets in 2013: 5,854

In the case of eating fast foods in China, there is only one winner! I’m too old to remember the time when KFC was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is the very first, and the most popular restaurant in China since the Chinese already had fried chicken however, KFC did not only offer chicken but also clean toilets to flush in. KFC located in China is horrible.

They are almost always out of the original recipe, and there aren’t any milkshakes, and! There’s no GRAVY. I’m not even going into their breakfast-related war crime, but it’s KFC and, consequently, Western food that is greasy.

It’s amazing China is KFC’s largest customer base in the world and, in addition to being number one of the top five fast-food chains in China, They are the KFC’s most popular draw.

Norah Clark

Norah Clark

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