Snickers Vs Milky Way

What is the difference that distinguish Snickers and- Milky Way? The two chocolate bars, although they have a lot elements that are similar have distinct textures and tastes. Even though they’re the identical sizes, they don’t offer identical nutritional values.

Snickers and Milky Way are two of the most well-known chocolate bars that are consumed in every part of the world. They are everywhere and few people aren’t interested in indulgence with these delicious chocolate treats.

In many ways, and manufactured and distributed by the same firm, Snickers and Milky Way are still very distinct.

 This article we’ve examined all the features that are associated with Snickers as well as Milky Way chocolate bars. Find out more about the history, origins, ingredients variations, as well as nutrition details of these popular candy candies.

What are the differences between Snickers and Milky way?

Snickers and Milky Way Milky Way and Snickers are two loved chocolate bars that are consumed across the globe. While these chocolates are quite different, there are some similarities when we look at both.

1. History

The two brands Snickers as well as Milky Way are manufactured and sold via Mars, Inc. The American confectionery company produces almost all the chocolatey confections we enjoy and eat including Bounty, Twix, and M&M’s.

While it may seem as if Snickers is the only candy that’s been around for ages, Milky Way actually did exist earlier. The first Milky Way chocolate bar was produced in 1923.

This was the very first candy bar, and it took the company 3 years to finish the research needed to begin produce it. Milky Way was a success for the company right from the start.

Snickers On contrary, was created just a few years later than Milky Way. Mars introduced the candy bar in the year 1930.

The chocolate bar is named after its name after the producer’s horse that was the family’s favourite it was also sold under the brand name Marathon bar in the UK up to the 90s.

One of the major distinctions among Snickers as well as Milky Way is that the Snickers is sold in a single variation across the world, and the latter comes with two varieties. Milky Way has a global version, which is the bar that has the blue wrapper as well as the US Milky Way version.

This US version is available throughout Canada and the United States and Canada and is very similar to a different candy bar sold in the US – Three Musketeers.

2. Ingredients

Snickers as well as Milky Way are, of obviously, chocolate bars. It is not surprising that a few ingredients are utilized in the production of both of them.

The chocolate bars both have milk chocolate. The milk chocolate in these bars has cocoa butter, sugar, lactose and chocolate, as well as milkfat, skim milk, soy lecithin as well in artificial flavour.

Additionally, there is added corn syrup, sugar as well as salt along with egg whites and salt as well as egg whites in Snickers as well as Milky Ways. The company uses artificial ingredients in the two candy bars.

However, there are certain ingredients that are unique for each of the two candy bars. Snickers contains peanuts, as do Milky Ways. Milky Ways contain malted barley. These are the two components that give the distinctive flavor and texture characteristics of every chocolate bar.

Based on the ingredients used in the two bars, Snickers as well as Milky Ways, the traditional versions of the chocolate bars aren’t suitable for those who are vegan due to the dairy ingredients that are used in their production.

3. Flavor

Given the fact that Snickers as well as Milky Ways contain many similar ingredients, it’s normal that they share similar flavors.

According to this, Milky Ways taste like nougat with chocolate and caramel. They are served with milk chocolate that is delicious.

Snickers also come covered with milk chocolate. But, the layers within create a different taste in comparison to Milky Ways. There are more layers inside Snickers than you will find in Milky Ways.

There’s a layer made of caramel, nougat and peanuts inside the Snickers bar. They all lie on top of a thin layer chocolate.

4. Texture

Snickers’ texture Milky Ways and Snickers is very different. It is evident that this is due to the ingredients used in making these confections.

Milky Ways feel lighter and less spongy than Snickers. They have an pronounced chewiness texture to it. The peanuts found in Snickers add crunch to the texture in the chocolate bars.

The caramel layer that is present in each of Milky Ways and Snickers adds an icy flavor on the candy but does not make the bars too chewy.

5. Popularity

The two Snickers along with Milky Ways are very well-known. It is however, simple to see the fact that Snickers are more well-known over Milky Ways. Snickers are among the most loved candy brands in the US together with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and M&M’s.

Snickers are among the most popular candy brands worldwide, along with Toblerones as well as Kit Kats.

6. Varieties

The majority of people love eating the classic versions of their preferred chocolate bars, which include the regular Snickers as well as Milky Ways.

However, the company makes many types of chocolate bars that keep lovers of candy interested in the confections that have been on the market for more than one century.

Simple Caramel, Midnight, Crispy Rolls Midnight Dark, and Salted Caramel are just a few options that are available of Milky Way bar that Mars has released.

Snickers, with more acclaim over Milky Ways, come in more flavors. There are Snickers varieties such as Snickers Almond, Snickers Crisp, Snickers Hazelnut, Snickers Brownie, and so on.

In contrast to the classic Snickers as well as Milky Way chocolate bars, these aren’t always in stock. They are not available in every part of the globe.

If you consume the special edition Snickers or Milky Way, know that it’s likely that you’ll not see it in the future.

7. Sizes

The original size of Milky Way is 1.84 ounces and the standard size Snickers bar weighs 1.86 ounces. But both Milky Ways and Snickers come in various sizes.

There are Milky Ways and Snickers minis and original singles, as well as small size bars, and 2-to-go bars. If you love eating chocolate bars for snacks, we suggest purchasing mini bars or smaller bars.

They are smaller than standard-sized bars. If you eat smaller portions of a Milky Way mini or a smaller Snickers Bar, you don’t have as many calories, and won’t add to the amount of sugar you consume daily in the same way as with a large bar.

You will be able to enjoy the rich chocolate flavor of your favourite sweets.

8. Nutrition

If you’re taking a bite of Snickers and Milky Ways, they’re not necessarily healthy for you to eat often. However it’s always a good idea to be aware of the nutritional information of your favourite snacks.

When you weigh 100 grams Snickers as well as Milky Ways, it becomes obvious that Snickers contain more calories. If you’ve ever eaten both chocolate bars, you’ve probably noticed that Snickers makes you feel fuller more quickly in comparison to Milky Ways do.

Although Snickers have more calories and sugar, they have less as Milky Ways. If your main concern with chocolate bars is the sugar amount Snickers are a superior alternative to Milky Ways.

Furthermore, Snickers are a bit lower in carbohydrates and contain more calories in comparison to Milky Ways. Both chocolates have cholesterol that is similar for 100g of the sweets.


Milky Way
Total Fat24 g17 G
Carbohydrates63 grams71 grams
Fiber from the diet1.9 grams1 g
Sugar47 G60 grams
Sodium189 mg167 mg
Protein7 g4 g
Cholesterol9 mg9 mg

Which Is Healthier: Milky Way Or Snickers?

As we’ve mentioned before the fact that neither of these bars are considered healthy.

However, if you need to pick between them eating Snickers could be the better choice for those who want Snickers chocolate to fill you up.

A ‘fun-sized’ Snickers bar is packed with nutrients to help keep your full until you are satisfied with the healthy food you’ve chosen to eat.

It’s a Milky Way, on the other on the other hand, is a wonderful chocolate bar that can be eaten for an appetizer. Two miniature Milky Way candies don’t contain lots of calories.

Although you could certainly enjoy the healthiest snack of all eating sweet treats like bite-sized Milky Way candies from time to time will not cause harm.

Other Questions Asked

Are Milky Ways and Three Musketeers The Same?

Milky Ways and Three Musketeers are very alike. However, they’re not the identical. The Three Musketeers is also produced through Mars, Inc.

The major distinction between the two candy chocolate bars lies in the fact the fact that Three Musketeers weighs less than Milky Way, the American variant that is part of the Milky Way. It also lacks the caramel topping, and is smaller.

Are Snickers and Milky Ways gluten-free?

The classic Snickers bars are gluten free. It does not contain any ingredients made from gluten. The chocolate bar can be enjoyed by anyone, even those suffering from Celiac disease.

The Milky Way, on the contrary, isn’t gluten-free. It has malted barley in it, making it inedible for those with gluten intolerance.

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