Best Chai Latte Powder – Buying Guide [2023]

What is the best chai latte powder? The best chai latte powder dissolves easily in hot water. It also is a traditional chai spice mix like ginger, cinnamon cloves, cloves, and nutmeg and is a great blend between sweet and spicy tastes.

The majority of people begin drinking their chai latte before the moment it touches their lips. It’s an incredibly aromatic, spicy drink that delights all your senses if you are fond of spice and smooth hot drinks.

I remember when I worked at Starbucks in Orlando, Florida, and chai lattes were so popular we sold 450+ per day! The chai tea brands I have researched are just as good as how Starbucks makes their chai latte!

Traditional chai lattes are typically blended with cream, milk, and honey or sugar to create the perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors. If you do not have the time or energy, or motivation to spend hours brewing and steeping, a powdered mix of chai could be the best option to suit your needs.

The powdered chai blend is made with sweeteners and powdered dairy or alternatives that are not dairy-based, so all you need to do is pour in warm water to stir to create instant chai latte enjoyment.

Making sure that the mix is perfect can be a challenge making the right combination, so we’ve done all the work to help you find the best powdered chai blends in terms of the overall flavor, the high-quality ingredients, and the simplicity of preparation for your drink!

If you prefer your powdered chai traditional hot chai latte or an indulgence that is a sweet and spicy delight, your new favorite may only be a click away down below!

Researched: The 5 Best Chai Latte Powders of 2022

Each brand of chai latte powder is likely to contain a distinct blend of spices and distinctive flavors, as we’ve mentioned earlier. However, when purchasing powdered chai, it is also likely to have dairy products and sweeteners blended into the mix, so all you need to add is water.

Which chai latte is the best? My opinion!

In my opinion, I am a huge fan of Blue Lotus Chai Traditional Spiced Chai Powder because it’s the closest powder blend I have had that reminds me of the chai lattes I enjoyed in Singapore and Japan. I’m not biased and ranked it third, as many don’t like the authentic chai taste. I don’t add any extra cream or sugar to it. It’s worth a try!

We’ve carefully selected the best 5 blends of chai powder that have the best flavor balance and depth of flavor.

Our Top Picks

My Personal Favorite
Blue Lotus Chai Traditional Masala Spiced Chai Powder
The most traditional experience you can get is this powdered, instant Chai tea.

David Rio Tiger Spice
The balance between sweet and savory is perfect.

Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte
The most consistently authentic chai tea.

Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Powdered Mix
Mildest flavor.

Coconut Cloud: Vegan Spiced Chai Tea Latte
Vegan and allergy-friendly.

Read on for a more in-depth review of each brand of powdered chai brand.

1. David Rio Tiger Spice

David Rio Chai Mix, Tiger Spice, 14 Oz.
David Rio Chai Mix, Tiger Spice, 14 Oz.

David Rio is an immensely famous tea maker, such as chai tea, located in San Francisco.

Chances are – you have heard of it, if not seen it on a shelve before!

Although the Tiger Spice blend isn’t organic, David Rio does source organic ingredients where possible and utilizes recyclable packaging materials also.


  • Easy to prepare cold and hot.
  • It mixes very easily.
  • A perfectly balanced combination of natural flavorings and spices creates a smooth, sweet, and savory drink that’s consistently in each cup.
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free.


  • The most significant issue of this tea makes only 12 to 14 servings in a 14 oz bottle. This means that it won’t last very long.
  • If you’re a fan of Chai tea, this might be a great subscription option for you. You’ll need to set the tea to be delivered every two weeks if you wish to drink it every day (though there’s the 64-oz option to choose from).

2. Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte

 Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte - Instant Powder Mix, 1.9 Pound.
Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte – Instant Powder Mix, 1.9 Pound.

Big Train has evolved since the 1990s, becoming an industry leader in the global market of ready-to-make at-home drinks, and its product quality is reliable.

Their products are as possible to come across in a household panty as they are in a café, restaurant, or hotel. Their product range is over 200 active and growing, but the Chai is easily one of their most popular products.


  • The spice blend is made up of anise and ginger for stronger flavors, accompanied by a delicious scent of vanilla.
  • Blends well with cold and hot or even iced drinks, so you can drink your chai tea latte all year round!


  • The blend is very sweet and creamy than other choices, which makes it more “spicy” than traditional chai teas.
  • If you’re a chai latte connoisseur or are used to the strong flavor of a blend that’s not powdered, it might not meet your needs.

3. Blue Lotus Chai Traditional Masala Spiced Chai Powder

Blue Lotus Chai - Traditional Masala Chai. 3 Ounces.
Blue Lotus Chai – Traditional Masala Chai. 3 Ounces.

The Blue Lotus Chai Powder is made for those who love traditional chai tea with a spicy flavor but would prefer to have the ease of a powdered blend.

It’s just a blend of spices and tea without added flavorings, additives or sweeteners, making it a more authentic chai taste.

You can also add milk and sugar according to your personal preference.


  • Six unique powdered chai spice blends that you are spoilt to choose from.
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO verified.
  • It is made from eco-friendly organic ingredients and biodegradable, recyclable packaging.
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.
  • It is a traditional chai latte, so there are no added ingredients and no dairy products.


  • Since it’s an instant powdered chai, many consumers aren’t aware that to enjoy the smooth, sweet taste – you may have to add milk or a dairy substitute or sweetener.
  • For some, they may not mind, but for others, they’re in for an unexpected surprise!

4. Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Powdered Mix

Oregon Chai Original Tea Latte Mix, 10 oz.
Oregon Chai Original Tea Latte Mix, 10 oz.

Oregon Chai was founded in the year 2000. It was inspired by an excursion to the Himalayas as well as numerous cups of traditional, creamy, and rich spiced tea.

An intense love for this drink resulted in a three-year commitment to perfecting what’s now being called the Oregonian interpretation.


  • Very rich and creamy, appealing particularly to those who love a latte.
  • Mild, delicate spice blend that doesn’t have any overpowering flavor.
  • A wide variety of chai mix blends are readily available.
  • Perfect for a newbie to chai tea lattes.


  • It is by far the spiciest of our top five powdered chai mixes that will appeal to a particular segment of the market.
  • The most disappointing aspect is the spices used are often referred to as “natural flavorings,” which is typically a deceptive marketing term used for unattractive ingredients.

5. Coconut Cloud: Vegan Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Coconut Cloud: Vegan Spiced Chai Tea Latte, 7 Oz.
Coconut Cloud: Vegan Spiced Chai Tea Latte, 7 Oz.

Coconut Cloud manufactures a range of products that is vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free! Those who have a restricted diet have a tasty way to boost the creaminess of their beverages without the burden of unwanted additives or ingredients.

Its Chai Tea blend is specially designed to deliver strong, spicy flavors in a smooth, balanced latte.


  • Dairy-free and vegan, made with coconut cream to add flavor.
  • 70% less added sugar than other brands of chai tea mix that are dairy-free.
  • Allergen-friendly: Free of gluten, wheat, peanuts, eggs, dairy products, and shellfish.


  • The most significant negative aspect of this powdered chai mixture is that a lot of chai drinkers feel it is too spicy for their taste.
  • It’s more traditional and therefore spicier. However, the coconut doesn’t take away the spice quite as well as traditional full-fat dairy. Some people believe this is the most appealing feature, but others aren’t able to accept the strong taste.

What Is Chai Tea?

Buying guide for buying chai latte powder
Buyer’s guide for chai latte powder and related questions.

“Chai” translates from Hindi to tea, and voila “chai tea.” It’s often called spiced tea or, simpler, spiced powder mixed into a tea-like drink. A lot of chai tea blends have black tea in them. However, some blends are only spiced.

The mix is typically prepared to be very strong, but balanced by a healthy dose of sweetener and milk, typically such as honey or sugar.

What Spices Are In Chai Tea?

Every recipe is different according to the region from which it originates, but you’ll usually come across a combination of the ingredients listed below:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Cloves
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Black pepper

There are times when you’ll be able to smell notes of star anise, which is an extremely prominent black licorice taste. Another popular and well-known ingredient is vanilla which gives it an intense, sweet aroma.

What Does Chai Tea Taste Like?

Chai tea is a bit different in taste based on the proportion of various spices used. The flavors are all quite strong in their ways and, therefore, if you have more ginger, for instance, it is the most prominent flavor. Some blends may include a cinnamon-like edge.

Certain powdered chai mix mixes are carefully balanced to ensure that no one spice stands over the others, and they blend to form a distinctly South Asian family of flavors with a warming, sweet, and almost dessert-like beverage.

Is Powdered Chai Tea Good For You?

The tea is believed to have numerous health benefits, mostly due to the spices that are used to flavor the tea offer many benefits.

Based on the ingredients that are utilized, chai tea can assist in improving heart health, regulating blood sugar levels, aiding digestion, and possibly aiding in losing weight.

The benefits are due to spices that are used in the Chai Tea blend, so you could also experience similar benefits from enjoying South Asian cuisine, which often utilizes the same spices in their sauces as well as other dishes.

Is it ok to drink chai tea every day? I asked my friend the other day funnily! Chai tea has more polyphenols than most fruits and vegetables, meaning that drinking chai tea on a daily basis can help boost overall cell health. Cloves and cinnamon are rated among herbs with the highest antioxidant levels, and chai tea contains both spices.

What’s the difference between chai tea and chai latte?

Chai tea is a loose-leaf style tea brewed in hot milk, usually with some honey or sugar to sweeten it up. While Chai lattes are often made with either a soluble powder or a syrup imitating a chai flavor. Chai latte is a lot sweeter than chai tea.

What Is A Dirty Chai Tea Latte?

A dirty chai tea latte is the traditional chai latte that is blended by adding an espresso drink for an additional dose of caffeine as well as the strong undertones of a good coffee.

What is a dirty chai at Starbucks? Next time grab a Chai Latte, hot or cold, and ask for a dirty chai! Ask to have a shot of espresso blended in for that extra kick. Try either one shot of espresso or double, depending on your coffee kick requirements!

Can I Drink Tea Chai While Pregnant?

Chai tea is a source of caffeine. If you’re looking to cut it out completely, you’ll need to steer clear of the black tea-based beverage.

If you’re cutting down on the amount of coffee you drink or drinking it moderately, a small amount isn’t considered to be dangerous for women who are pregnant, but always consult with your healthcare physician or doctor if you are concerned.

Last updated and verified on January 28th, 2023 by our editorial team.

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