Best Automatic Espresso Machines of 2023: Tested + Reviewed By Our Team!

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Ever had one of those mornings where all you wanted was a café-grade espresso but just couldn’t muster the strength to step out outside? Yeah, me too.

It’s a common struggle for coffee lovers everywhere – finding that sweet balance between convenience and quality right in the comfort of our kitchens. That’s where superautomatic espresso machines come in.

These nifty gadgets are like having a personal barista at your fingertips. But here’s the catch: picking the perfect one can be as tricky as perfecting your latte art. There’s a sea of options, a jumble of jargon, and quite a bit of green to part with. That’s why I’ve brewed up this handy guide.

In this guide, you’ll find options that cater to your unique coffee quirks. Whether you’re a fan of frothy cappuccinos, crave customizability, or simply seek the strongest shot of espresso to kickstart your day, there’s a machine for you here.

So, join me on this journey to discover the espresso machine that fits not just your kitchen counter, but also your lifestyle, tastes, and yes, even your morning moods.

Trust me, your mornings are about to get a lot more brew-tiful.

1. De’Longhi Magnifica – My Pick!

De'Longhi Super Automatic Espresso Machine
De’Longhi Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

I personally own and endorse this De’Longhi superautomatic coffee machine.

Key Features:

  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • 13 adjustable settings to grind beans on demand
  • Advanced frother
  • Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte
  • 1.8L of capacity water tank
  • Super easy to wash
  • Free shipping + 3 years warranty

Stepping up my coffee game, I recently “invested” in the De’Longhi superautomatic espresso maker – and let me tell you, it’s like having a barista right on my kitchen counter!

It caters to all my coffee cravings, whether I’m in the mood for a robust espresso or a creamy latte or even if I fancy treating myself to a double cappuccino. And don’t get me started on the Americanos; it’s like a flavor fiesta in a cup!

Now, I’ve tried other coffee machines, and cleaning them was like tackling a Rubik’s cube. But this De’Longhi model? It’s as easy as pie.

The waste container, drip tray, and water tank are all within arm’s reach, and they clean up nicely and easily. The funnel where the ground coffee goes just needs a quick swipe with a regular kitchen knife, and it’s as clean as a whistle!

Diagram of De'Longhi's Magnifica Espresso Machine

The control panel on this thing is a dream. Just a few button presses to set the temperature, strength, and grind size, and this little wizard does the rest.

But the show-stopper here is definitely the manual frother. If you get a kick out of frothy, creamy coffee like I do, this feature is going to be your new best friend. It comes with a manual cappuccino system!

So, if you’re seriously thinking about diving into the world of espresso machines, give this De’Longhi model a shot. It’s an absolute game-changer!

2. Philips 3200

Philips 3200 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Philips 3200 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Durable ceramic grinders
  • Dishwasher-safe dishwasher parts
  • Brewery unit that can be removed
  • Adjustment of the 12-step grinder
  • Touch screen that is user-friendly and comfortable
  • Compact design

With Philips 3200, you can drink espresso, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato latte, or hot water with just one touch.

After you’ve decided what drink you prefer, You can alter the strength and temperature and the coarseness of the grind in addition to the quantity of coffee you’d like to put in your cup.

If the beverage you prefer has frother milk, fill the frother up with the amount you want, and it will create a foamy, creamy, delicious espresso.

If you’ve got milk left in the frother and do not want to throw it away, move it to the fridge to be used again. The frother removable from the espresso machine is convenient and extremely effortless to scrub.

3. Breville Oracle

Breville Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Breville Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Conical burr grinder
  • The accurate temperature of the water
  • Adjustable grind
  • The variable temperature of milk and consistency
  • Automatic frother
  • 8 different coffee settings that you can customize

If you’re willing to pay more for an automatic espresso machine such as this, then the Breville Superautomatic Espresso Machine is an excellent option.

It’s so sophisticated that it can make your kitchen look like an actual coffee shop.

Each stage of making coffee, including espresso, or flat white, is controlled.

All you need to do is select the drink you want to drink from the touchscreen and then customize your settings. This is the size of the grind, the milk temperature, as well as the consistency of the foam.

The machine pumps the 22 grams of espresso ground for shots to make your drink appear as if a barista makes it in front of your eyes.

This Breville fully automated espresso machine that makes your coffee never taste bitter or too ashy. This is because of the exact temperature setting and the highest water pressure features.

4. De’Longhi Eletta

De'Longhi Eletta Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
De’Longhi Eletta Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Grinding settings that can be adjusted
  • Cup warmer
  • Over 10 possible drink options
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Long-lasting, rich foam
  • Easy to clean

Its De’Longhi Eletta fully automatic espresso machine is a different option worth the cost.

If you’d like your coffee machine to run consistently, this machine is what you need.

Each cup of coffee you receive will be at the ideal temperature. If you select cappuccino or Latte, the foam will be of an ideal consistency and sweetness. You can alter the settings each time you require an adjustment.

This espresso maker can use coffee beans and pre-ground coffee, which you can add to the chamber to fill it up. It doesn’t have to be normal ground coffee; it could be the decaf you love most.

The De’Longhi espresso machine is known for its ease of cleaning. If cleaning the coffee machine is among the chores you hate, this espresso machine is among the easiest choices.

5. Philips Carina 1200-Series

Philips Carina 1200 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Philips Carina 1200 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Compact design
  • Auto-frothing feature
  • Programmable drink options
  • 1.8L capacity water tank capacity
  • Ceramic grinder

If you’re searching for an affordable, fully automated espresso machine, the Philips Carina coffee machine is an excellent choice.

It comes with everything you’re looking for in an automatic coffee maker.

It grinds beans to the desired coarseness. It then brews your coffee and then foams milk to ensure you’re looking for foamy drinks.

This machine is AquaClean capable, which means it is possible to put an AquaClean filter inside the espresso tank machine for a better-tasting coffee. This will also let to run longer without having to descale this machine.

6. Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Lattes frothing in milk and cappuccinos
  • Accessible to the drawer of dregs
  • Easy to wash
  • A user-friendly LED display
  • Rapid steam technology

Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine Gaggia Brera superautomatic espresso machine is among the easiest you can use on this list.

The LCD with push button control is simple and user-friendly. It’s also simple to wash because you can get quick access to the drawer for dregs, the drip tray, and the water tank in the machine.

The Panarello Wand that is included in the machine will allow you to froth the milk until it has the perfect consistency to make your cappuccinos or lattes. If you decide on a drink of Americano or tea, the machine will utilize the wand to fill the cup by adding hot liquid.

Because of its speedy steam technology making an espresso that is aromatic will not take long when using this coffee maker.

7. Saeco PicoBaristo

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic grinder
  • 15 drinks choices
  • 1.8L capacity of water tank
  • Touch screen display
  • Automatic milk frother

Its Saeco PicoBarista superautomatic espresso machine is perfect for people who wish to drink several kinds of coffee drinks at home.

With this espresso maker, it is possible to pick from fifteen choices. Furthermore, you can customize your preferences as well as save them into one of the six profiles of the user to make it easier on the way to work.

The coffee maker is easy to well-maintained. It is necessary to remove the parts that can be removed and wash them thoroughly. But, it’s easy to complete and doesn’t take all that much time.

Its AquaClean water filter keeps the tank clean of buildup for up to 5500 cups of espresso. Additionally, the Hygiesteam feature ensures that the whole milk system is free of contamination through steaming.

8. Hipresso

Hipresso Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Hipresso Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • 11 different varieties of coffee
  • Conical burr grinder with long-lasting durability
  • Automated cleaning system for automatic cleaning
  • 1.8L capacity water tank capacity
  • Dual heating system with dual heating

The Hipresso superautomatic espresso maker is an extremely robust and multi-purpose machine for the coffee machine.

This is it if you’re looking for a product that will give you a full-bodied, well-crafted espresso on each occasion.

The machine comes with the bean-to-cup option that lets you select among 11 different beverages, such as the Latte Macchiato up into an Americano.

9. Hanchen G10

Hanchen G10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
Hanchen G10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • 5.0″ touchscreen
  • Automated cleaning system for automatic cleaning
  • Six outlet design
  • 2.0″ LCD screen
  • Pressure for commercial grade water pumps

If you’re in search of a coffee maker that basically does all the work, The Hanchen G10 is for you.

Just one tap, and you’ll have access to various drinks.

An automatic system for cleaning will make your experience easy to use and also provides you with the most delicious drinks.

10. Saeco Xelsis

Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espreso Machine.
Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espreso Machine.

Key Features:

  • 1.7L capacity
  • Programming based upon the user profile
  • 3.5″” touch screen
  • Double thermo blocks
  • Ergonomic design

The main thing to remember here is customization. The Saeco Xelsis lets you customize everything.

The volume of espresso and milk and temperature, dose texture, you name it.

The machine also features the Hygiesteam technology, which helps keep the drinks soft and delicious and also helps clean the Xelsis and the Xelsis.


MEROL Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
MEROL Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

Key Features:

  • LCD screen
  • Coffee volumes and temperature can be customized
  • 10.6 ounces of the large sealed bean container
  • Side-loading 2L water tanks
  • Professional disc grinder

The MEROL superautomatic espresso machine is a flexible and durable espresso maker.

A grind knob that can be adjusted lets you decide the amount of coarseness you would like for your coffee grounds to be, which will allow you to have an energizing or lighter cup of coffee.

It’s a cheaper model compared to other options, and if you’re trying to watch your budget, it’s a great option.

Buying Guide For Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Stepping up your home coffee game to the level of a pro barista can be a dream – especially if it involves less elbow grease! That’s exactly where a superautomatic coffee machine swoops in.

You might already be brewing with an automated or semi-automatic espresso machine and are now thinking about leveling up to the full automation league. But why are these machines the hot favorites of java junkies?

Buying a high-speed espresso machine is a big deal. It’s not like picking out socks where you can grab a few pairs and hope for the best.

Choosing the right espresso machine is like choosing the right pair of jeans – it needs to fit you perfectly. So, it’s crucial to mull over all the factors before you commit to a machine that ticks all your boxes.

So, here’s the lowdown on what you need to ponder over before splurging on that top-notch espresso machine:

The Nuts and Bolts of Superautomatic Espresso Machines

In the world of superautomatic espresso machines, it’s like stepping into a high-tech coffee wonderland. The quality and performance of the technical bits and bobs are crucial to your java joy.

Here’s a quick run-through of the parts you should keep an eye on:

The Mighty Grinder: Think of the grinder as the heart of your superautomatic espresso machine. It’s put through the wringer every day, so it’s got to be built tough with top-notch materials to avoid any heartbreak. The grinders usually come in ceramic or steel avatars.

While ceramic grinders have their fans, stainless steel often wins the popularity contest for automated grinders. Regardless of its makeup, the grinder needs to dish out consistently ground coffee beans and do it as quietly as a mouse.

The Busy Brewing Unit: There’s a lot of action happening inside the brewing unit of a superautomatic espresso machine. So it needs to be made of solid stuff. It’s always a plus if the brewing unit can be easily removed for a deep cleanse by hand.

The Quickfire Thermoblock (Boiler): The thermoblock is like the quick draw gun-slinger of the Old West. It’s meant to heat up water in the blink of an eye – many models get the job done in just a minute or two. It should also be resistant to buildup, because let’s face it, no one likes to scrub a boiler.

The Humble Water Tank: A big water tank might sound impressive, but the truth is, it doesn’t need to be huge. Water left unused for a couple of days can make your morning cuppa taste like a leftover party drink.

The Bean Hopper: This is your coffee bean’s temporary home before they’re ground into deliciousness. The size varies based on the model and the machine’s overall dimensions.

When sizing up the bean hopper capacity, think about how many people you usually play barista for. This will help you figure out if the machine fits the bill for your brewing needs.

Picture of superautomatic espresso machine diagram.
Picture of superautomatic espresso machine diagram.

Using & Maintaining Your Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Superautomatic espresso machines are like your personal barista. They do it all, so you don’t have to.

But sometimes, you might want to roll up your sleeves and get involved. That’s where these awesome machines truly shine!

Taking The Reins

Just like the mastermind behind a successful coffee shop, you should be able to fine-tune the grinding process.

Making the beans finer or coarser can dramatically change the taste of your brew. Adjusting the strength of your shots also adds a personal touch to each cup.

Some super-automatic espresso machines even let you control the drink’s temperature. Now that’s precision brewing at your fingertips!

Frothy Dreams

If cappuccinos and lattes are your kryptonite, consider a machine that includes a built-in milk frother and steamer.

This way, you won’t have to clutter your countertop with additional gadgets.

Size Matters

Superautomatic espresso machines are not exactly compact. Given the amount of magic happening inside, from grinding to brewing, they do take up a fair amount of space.

Still, there are options to suit any kitchen, big or small.

Looking for a budget-friendly machine that won’t cramp your style? Check out the more compact models.

Design and Décor

A high-quality espresso machine can be the crown jewel of your kitchen.

Choose a color and design that matches your kitchen aesthetic to create a harmonious look.

Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning is the secret to a long-lasting espresso machine.

The more user-friendly its parts, the easier it is to clean, and the longer it will serve you faithfully.


Let’s be frank; espresso machines lean towards the pricier end of the scale. But think of it as a long-term investment – that’s what I keep telling my husband…

Looking to get your own superautomatic espresso machine? Be prepared to shell out a minimum of $500. Some top-tier models might even set you back a couple of grand. However, the luxury of brewing quality espresso at home might just be worth it.

If you’re not quite ready to make a big investment, consider buying a separate grinder, milk steamer, and coffee maker. It’s a bit more work but a more wallet-friendly way to enjoy your java.

What’s The Difference Between Espresso Machines?

In espresso, you have manual or semi-automatic machines where you grind the coffee, fill the portafilter, and tamp it down. Then you monitor the espresso extraction and decide when to stop the flow.

Automatic espresso machines take it a step further. They’re clever enough to cut off the espresso flow after 30 seconds.

Superautomatic machines are the cream of the crop. They handle everything from grinding, filling the portafilter, tamping, and brewing espresso. Some can even steam milk or froth it for your cappuccino.

With so many options, it’s no wonder superautomatic machines are the toast of the town. But if you’re not a seasoned barista, choosing the right one can be a bit daunting!


What Should I Look For When Buying A Superautomatic Espresso Machine?

When buying a superautomatic espresso machine, pay attention to its core components, such as the grinder and brewing unit, and features like temperature control and milk steaming. Also, consider its ease of cleaning, design to fit your kitchen, and of course, your budget.

How Does A Superautomatic Espresso Machine Differ From A Semi-automatic Or Manual Espresso Machine?

A superautomatic espresso machine handles all steps of the coffee-making process, from grinding the beans to pulling the espresso shot. Semi-automatic or manual machines, on the other hand, require more user input and control over these stages, making superautomatic machines more user-friendly but less customizable.

What Kind Of Control Do I Have Over The Brewing Process With A Superautomatic Espresso Machine?

With a superautomatic espresso machine, you have control over certain aspects of the brewing process, such as bean grind size, shot intensity, and sometimes beverage temperature. However, most of the brewing steps are automated for convenience.

Are There Compact Superautomatic Espresso Machines Suitable For Small Kitchen Spaces?

Yes, there are various models of compact superautomatic espresso machines designed to fit smaller kitchen countertops. While these models might have fewer features compared to their larger counterparts, they still deliver high-quality espresso conveniently.

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