7 Best Vanilla Vodkas [2023]

What is the best vanilla vodka to drink?

The choice of vanilla vodka is based on careful consideration of the quality of the vodka base along with the quality and consistency of the vodka’s flavor and also the cost of the price. The most delicious vanilla vodka is one that has an underlying hint of soft and earthy sweetness while maintaining the soft, delicate vodka flavor.

Vodka is among the most sought-after spirits that are that is used to mix cocktails all over the globe. The inclusion of vanilla flavor makes it more appealing in many ways.

It’s not just more smooth and sweeter in a shot however, it also adds a richness of flavor to cocktails blended with martinis as well as spritzers and other drinks.

We’ve put together an inventory of the 7 most delicious vanilla vodkas that can be bought online and based on the criteria we’ve previously mentioned. There’s a vanilla vodka on our list that is suitable for all regardless of which you prefer.

What Is Vanilla Vodka?

Vanilla vodka can be described as, as you might expect vodka that has been enhanced with the luxurious, rich scent and flavor of vanilla.

Every brand produces its flavored vodkas differently but there is one essential requirement that cannot be changed by the liquor laws. Vanilla vodka, which is flavored, as well as vanilla vodka, has to be an absolute minimum of percent alcohol per volume (ABV). Traditional vodka has to at least contain 40 percent ABV.

Because vodka-made plain is made with a range of grains, based on the producer, it is vanilla vodka.

The base could be corn, potato grains, grains, or fruits. There are a few brands that do not publicly disclose the process of making their vodka If you are suffering from any food allergies or sensitivities, it is usually possible to get in touch with the company to obtain more information.

The flavoring can be equally in the middle in the majority of cases. The words “essence of vanilla” and “natural flavorings” are common and are difficult to identify.

It is evident but the delicious scent and delicate vanilla flavor soften the burn of vodka straight.

Drinks That Contain Vanilla Vodka

If you’re unsure of what is best to combine with vanilla vodka You can’t be wrong with basic Vanilla vodka and soda.

Its earthy flavor is delicious when you drink the lemon or lime sparkling soda, as with root beer, cream soda, or the cola brand you prefer.

If you’re looking for a more imaginative approach, However, there are a variety of recipes and cocktails that you can create using vanilla vodka.

Some of our top drinks that work well made with vanilla vodka are:

  • Orange creamsicle
  • Summer sangria
  • Christmas drinks
  • Coffee drinks
  • Vanilla mint mojitos

As in baking, vanilla goes well with chocolate, coffee, and other delicious, creamy flavors. It adds a delightful sweetness to citrus tastes and smooths out the strong spices like cinnamon or vibrant herbs like mint.

It’s certainly an extremely flexible flavor that you can play with, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Hot Drinks and Vanilla Vodka

It’s all about the time of the season and your mood depending on your mood, you might want to enjoy the warmth of a drink instead of a cold drink. Vanilla vodka is a winner in this area.

Try mixing your spirit with one of the following:

  • Hot chocolate is even more delicious with marshmallows!
  • Vanilla latte
  • Honey and warm spiced tea
  • Peppermint steamed milk
  • Pumpkin spice latte or steamed milk

Warmed vanilla vodka is also paired perfectly with Kahlua Bailey’s Hazelnut and other flavoring liquors like Frangelico.

Can You Drink Vanilla Vodka Straight?

It is possible to drink vanilla vodka in a straight manner, however just like with any other spirit the quality of vodka will significantly impact your enjoyment of the drink. It’s recommended to drink it chilled in glasses that are chilled.

It is also possible to add ice and serve it on the rocks, however, it’s not a typical drink to sip instead, it’s an espresso shot.

The flavor of vodka instantly makes it more appealing to people, particularly when compared with drinking vodka straight.

A good vodka is a delicious taste that is great for mixing drinks. However, purchasing it already flavored with vanilla gives a sweet, earthy, mellow sweetness without adding any additional ingredients.

If you’re drinking vanilla vodka on its own, you might be tempted to keep an extra chaser to make up for the characteristic burn. A chaser could be soda, juice, or even caffeine or an energy drink.

Anything you can mix with vanilla vodka will make a great chaser, but you’ll need to use it in smaller amounts.

7 Best Vanilla Vodkas

Once you know the essence of vanilla vodka and how versatile it can be Let’s take a moment to go over the best 7 vanilla vodkas available to be ordered online and then delivered right to the doorstep of your home:

SortProductBest Signature Cocktail
1.Smirnoff VanillaVanilla Vodka and Coke
2.Absolut VaniliaVanilla Cold Brew
3.Veil Vanilla VodkaChocolate Vanilla Martini
4.Stolichnaya VanillaVanilla Stoli Creamsicle
5.Burnett’s Vanilla VodkaVanilla Pina Colada
6.Star Blu Vodka VanillaVanilla Berry Spritzer
7.Grey Goose Le VanilleClassic Vodka Martini

We’ve provided a complete analysis of each, so let’s begin!

1. Smirnoff Vanilla

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Smirnoff is among the most popular vodka brands around the globe. It has a smooth flavor enough to make it comfortable for those who are new to drinking cocktails while appealing to the more experienced palates too. The vanilla flavor isn’t overpowering but it’s evident as well as has an aroma.

The Key Features:

  • 35 percent ABV
  • Pure vanilla bean flavor, pure and natural with a gorgeous scent and sweetness that is well-balanced
  • Triple distillation vodka base composed of corn, then refined 10 times to ensure the purest quality

Signature Cocktail: Vanilla Vodka and Cola

Drink one glass of chilled cola of your choice, and then add 2 1 ounces (60 milliliters) of vanilla Smirnoff. Mix it well and then enjoy your cocktail that’s a favorite at parties.

2. Absolut Vanilia

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In addition to Smirnoff, Absolut is the most well-known vodka brand, particularly in the USA. Absolut is among the few brands that declare that they use the entire vanilla pod, instead of making use of “flavoring” and the natural flavor is evident.

It’s 40 percent ABV and you’ll never be able to forget that you’re drinking vodka. However, the flavors of dark chocolate and butterscotch provide a full-bodied experience.

Principal Features:

  • 40 percent ABV
  • The mildly sweet toffee/butterscotch fragrance is rich and sweet. It flavor, with vanilla bean’s classic scent
  • The base of Winter wheat vodka, produced by continuous distillation for “absolut” smoothness

Signature Cocktail: Vanilla Cold Brew

Pour a cocktail glass full of an ice cube. Add 2 pounds (60 milliliters) of Absolut Vanilla and 1 one ounce (30 milliliters) of coffee brewed cold as well as Kahlua. Mix and add milk or cream according to your preference.

3. Veil Vanilla Vodka

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Veil vodka might not be as popular as some of the other brands we have listed However, it’s incredibly refreshing and smooth. The vanilla flavor is an intense, sweet syrup taste that is enjoyable in a glass or with a dash of citrus.

Principal Features:

  • 35 percent ABV
  • Pure vanilla sweetness with sweet notes and a smooth, smooth finish
  • Top grain vodka base distillated 5 times and then charcoal filtered for pureness

Signature Cocktail: Chocolate Vanilla Martini

Mix 1 one ounce (30 milliliters) of every one of Veil Vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, and the chocolate liqueur that you prefer with 1/2 1 ounce (15 milliliters) of cream into a shaker, add an ice cube, and shake vigorously. Add the addition of dark chocolate grated.

4. Stolichnaya Vanil

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Stoli didn’t just make a natural flavoring, and make it an evening. The vanilla vodka has been carefully made and balanced using white pepper and cocoa powder to intensify the vanilla bean’s aroma as well as create a spicy, sweet body of flavor that’s not overly sweet despite the obvious sweetness.

Principal Features:

  • 37.5 percent ABV
  • The vanilla flavor is creamy and balanced with white pepper and cocoa powder.
  • The water from glacier and wheat is the base

Signature Cocktail: Vanilla Stoli Creamsicle

Mix 2 1 ounces (60 milliliters) from Stoli Vanil with 4 ounces (120 milliliters) of freshly squeezed orange juice and the aid of ice in the blender. Serve with an orange round fresh in the chilled glass.

5. Burnett’s Vanilla Vodka

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Burnett’s takes their vodka business seriously. The vodka base goes through an exclusive process that creates an ultra-pure, smooth vodka that is gluten-free, for those who require this.

The vanilla flavor is blended and smooth which makes it a great option for blended drinks. It has the most alcohol-based beverage and you’d never know it by its taste due to the smoothness.

The Key Features:

  • 59.8 percent ABV
  • A well-balanced, natural, creamy vanilla flavor, with a slight sweetness
  • Triple charcoal quadruple distilled vodka base filtered with gluten-free.

Signature Cocktail: Vanilla Pina Colada

In a blender, add 1 to 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of every Burnett’s Vanilla Vodka and Coconut Rum along with 3 pounds (90 milliliters) every one of Pina Colada Mix and pineapple juice. Add ice and blend until smooth and creamy. Serve with a small pineapple wedge.

6. Star Blu Vodka Vanilla

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The vanilla ice cream that is featured in the packaging of the product’s vanilla vodka is an excellent indicator of the classic sweetness of vanilla. It is among the more intense vanilla flavors that we have listed and is one of the sweetest.

The Key Features:

  • 35 percent ABV
  • Smooth, classic vanilla sweetness
  • American grain vodka is the base five times distilled to give fresh, unadulterated flavor

Signature Cocktail: Vanilla Berry Spritzer

Measure 1 one ounce (30 milliliters) of Star Blu Vodka Vanilla into an ice-filled cocktail glass. an ice cube. Add 2 1 ounces (60 milliliters) of club soda, and 3 three ounces (90 milliliters) of the juice of a cranberry. Add fresh blueberries.

7. Grey Goose Le Vanille

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Grey Goose is among the most popular premium vodka brands and following the increase in the popularity of vodkas with flavors and flavored vodkas, they launched one on the market, too.

The vodka shines the with the most intensity in this particular brand with vanilla mostly a back flavor. It’s not as sweet as other brands but it also is among the top alcohol content.

Principal Features:

  • 40 percent ABV
  • Delicate vanilla aroma with an intense toffee flavor
  • The premium winter wheat vodka is the base

Signature Cocktail: Classic Vodka Martini

Mix 2 1 ounce (60 milliliters) of the Grey Goose Le Vanille, 1/3 of an ounce (10 milliliters) of vermouth with extra dryness as well as a splash of citrus bitters into a shaker containing the addition of ice. Shake or stir, then strain into the chilled glass of a martini, decorated with a twist of lemon.

How To Make Your Own Vanilla Vodka

If you do not have vanilla vodka but you have a drink recipe that you’re eager to test that calls for vanilla vodka, you could create your recipe. It’s likely to not be as powerful as commercially produced vodka with a flavor but it’ll be enhanced in flavor.

Vanilla Infused Vodka

If you’re able to spare time before you need vanilla vodka, and you’re the kind of person who enjoys the challenge of making and brewing at home vodka, you can make any vodka brand by adding vanilla beans.

Easy Home Recipe For Vanilla Vodka

It is recommended to use one vanilla bean. A bean about 6 inches in length is ideal for every 750mL container of vodka.

  1. Slice the bean lengthwise to give the flavor a better entry into the vodka.
  2. Place both pods directly into the bottle.
  3. Close the lid and locate the most secure place to allow it to infuse for the course of a minimum of one week. Each day, give the bottle shaken to disperse the flavor.

After 5 days you’ll observe the color of vodka turning to an amber hue. Also when you open the bottle you’ll smell the delicious aroma of vanilla.

If you’re satisfied with the result then strain the vodka through a second container that doesn’t contain the bean. mark it with a clear label to make it easier for you to use it again.

Vanilla Vodka – Quick Fix

If the need for vanilla vodka is urgent, consider making use of the vanilla extract in conjunction with vodka that is conventional.

Vanilla extract may not be as powerful or well-blended, as one or more vanilla-flavored vodkas listed on our list, but the aroma is there, and that’s a good part of the pleasure at the very least.

Pure, authentic vanilla extract can yield the best results.

We don’t suggest the idea of flavoring a shot of vodka with vanilla however, adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla to the drink with regular vodka will provide a touch of vanilla aroma and flavor in the form of a small amount.

Interesting Facts & Questions

Is Vanilla Vodka Gluten-Free?

Vodka can be made traditionally using potatoes, but today’s vodka and vodka with flavors are made from many different grains.

If you’re extremely sensitized or are allergic to gluten we suggest investigating each manufacturer individually as it’s not usually noted on the labels.

If you are unable to find the information you’re looking find on the website of the company It could be beneficial to contact their customer service for the sake of safety.

Does Vanilla Vodka Have Sugar In It?

Some vodkas that are flavored contain sugar because they’re made using natural ingredients, like vanilla beans, which contain sugar.

Some brands might even add sugar specifically to improve the flavor. This is particularly frequent in sweet flavorings such as vanilla. However, each brand is different, and not all contain sugar added.

Similar to our suggestion to be gluten-free, if you’re particularly concerned about the amount of sugar you consume you should get in touch with the company directly to inquire about details that aren’t readily available on the label or on their website.

Are Whipped Cream Vodka The Same As Vanilla Vodka?

Whipped vodka, also referred to as whipped cream vodka isn’t the same as vanilla vodka, although they’re very alike and can be used in place of one another.

As the name implies, whip cream vodka is influenced by the taste of the whipped cream. The majority of flavors are from vanilla however, there is greater sweetness as well as creaminess.

Whisked cream vodka even though being dairy-free however, manages to provide an extremely creamy taste that balances with vanilla flavors.

Simple Vanilla Vodka Home Recipe

To get a soft and earthy sweetness this easy vanilla-infused vodka can make your Friday night cocktails game.


  • 1 vanilla bean, about 6 inches long
  • 750 mL vodka


  1. Cut the vanilla bean in length to give the flavor more accessibility to vodka.
  2. Place both pods directly into the bottle.
  3. Close the lid and find an area that is safe for the flavor to develop for the course of a minimum of one week. Every few days, shake the bottle to spread the vanilla flavor.
  4. After 5 days, you will be able to see the color of the vodka turning to an amber shade and when you open the bottle you will smell the wonderful aroma of vanilla.
  5. If you’re satisfied with the result then strain the vodka into a different container, without the bean, and mark it with a clear label for use in the future.
  6. Serve it with fruit for a sweet drink or sip in cocktails.


If you’re caught in a pinch it’s possible to add a drop of vanilla extract to cocktails to give them an identical vanilla flavor.

Nutrition Information:


Quantity Per Serving:

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