Boiled Eggs Left Out Overnight – Safe To Eat or Bin Them?

Are eggs that have been boiled and kept out for the night food-safe? No, boiled eggs shouldn’t be kept at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. They should be placed in the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter whether they were boiling or cooked in this case.

It’s never easy to tell what foods are best taken out or when you should consider the food you have left out because you didn’t place it away.

Certain food items can spoil very quickly, and it’s better not to risk that something might be harmful than to take the risk and get sick.

Certain foods are extremely susceptible to bacteria; the longer they sit out, the more dangerous it is. If you’re ever in doubt about food items you are eating, repeat this quote I was always taught when I was a chef; if in doubt, throw it out!

In this article, we will reveal the entire answer to whether eggs left to rest for a night are safe to eat.

We’ll go over the reasons why eggs are not suitable for consumption and the best methods for storage and handling to help you understand how to handle the eggs that have been boiled.

Keep reading to learn more about how long boiled eggs can be unrefrigerated and further guidance on leaving boiled eggs that have been left overnight!

How Long Can Boiled Eggs Be Left Unrefrigerated?

The best way to learn about the safe handling of eggs and eggs that have been boiled is to consult sources like the USDA.

Eggs are best stored in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours after cooking them. At room temperature, regular eggs are safe for 2 hours or more. Most certainly, don’t even leave uncooked eggs sitting out overnight!

In any temperature greater than 90degF, they’re only safe for one hour since the added heat can have negative effects that work more quickly.

B boiling eggs are a kind of food that attracts and nurtures bacteria. When they are exposed to temperatures that range from 40 and 140 degF, this is the best time for bacteria to get established and expand.

It isn’t a good idea for your eggs to be left to sit within this temperature range to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause illness and other problems for you.

This is why eggs shouldn’t be kept at room temperature for longer than two hours and less than that if the temperature is at or above 90degF in the area where the eggs sit.

If you have forgotten about your boiled eggs and they were left out overnight, they should be thrown out.

Can You Still Eat Boiled Eggs Left Out Overnight?

If you eat your boiled eggs that have been left out overnight or even for 2 hours, the result can be pretty bad!

One of the reasons is that you can easily contract food poisoning or salmonella. They can make you very sick and just isn’t worth it.

The good news is that eggs aren’t expensive, and while buying and cooking new eggs may be a hassle, it’s much better than becoming sick and spending a few days in bed near a bucket – trust me!

There’s a good chance that you will not get sick, but there’s a more likely chance that you’ll be sick due to eating rotten boiled eggs. Are they worth the risk?

How To Store Boiled Eggs Without Refrigeration

Once you have cooked your boiled eggs in a pan of hot water, I know you are probably thinking about how else you can cook boiled eggs but trust me, as a chef, I have pretty much seen everything when it comes to stupid people in a commercial kitchen.

You can leave them on the stovetop to cool in the hot water they were initially cooked in.

Let them drop in temperature to the stage where you can put your finger into the water without severely burning yourself.

Lift your boiled eggs and set them into a bowl of cold water to help them set, you can add ice to help drop them in temperature faster.

You can keep the boiled eggs in the water for up to 2 hours to let them stay hard and then store them in your refrigerator.

How You Should Store Boiled Eggs Correctly

There aren’t any particularly difficult guidelines for storing eggs that have been boiled.

The main thing to pay attention to is to ensure that you put the eggs that you have boiled in the refrigerator almost immediately or, at a minimum, within the two-hour period.

There is no need to think about airtight containers or special storage techniques here. Eggs that have been boiled can be put in the refrigerator if you wish.

We suggest putting the shells in place when you’re ready to use them or even eat them, as the shell provides protection that shields the outside world from the shell.

Boiled eggs will generally last around 7 days if stored properly and refrigerated. This means you shouldn’t leave them at room temperature for long.

We would like to remind you that if you have any suspicion in any way that your boiling eggs might be bad, you should throw eggs out instead of taking the risk of becoming sick from eating eggs that have been spoiled.

Refrigerate the eggs after 2 hours (at maximum) and then eliminate them if it isn’t possible.

Last updated and verified on September 21st, 2022 by our editorial team.

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