Can You Eat Starburst Wrappers?

Is it safe and can you eat Starburst wrappers? No. Although Starburst wrappers aren’t harmful but you should avoid eating them as they’re not meant to be eaten and could cause health issues when consumed in large amounts.

Many people love eating Starbursts wrapped in a wrapper for the convenience to consume the candy without “painstakingly” unwrapping them.

Learn the details on Starburst wrappers, the reasons people take ,them in and what you can do should you accidentally consume the wrapper.

Starburst Wrapper – Why Eat It?

Starbursts are a very loved candy sold by Wrigley Company.

Soft taffy confection was launched in 1960. It is an iconic brand in America that is popular across the world.

The candy was previously sold in bars consisting of tiny bits of Starburst candy individually wrapped.

The majority of people take the wrapper off of the candy prior to eating it, but some prefer to eat it in the wrapper since it will save time. But what is the reason why wrappers of Starbursts are regarded as food?

It is apparent that, in contrast to other brands that utilize foil packaging or plastic, Starbursts come packed in paper coated with a specific wax that is specifically designed to form an airtight separation between the wrapped candy and its wrapper.

The wax coating keeps the wrapper from adhering to the candy and this packaging technique is in use since the candy first launched!

The paper is what creates the impression that it is edible. However, it is important to not forget that the company never promoted it or advised against eating it.

It’s true that there aren’t many people who consume Starburst in wrappers. luckily, there aren’t any complaints in relation to the issue and that’s the reason why Starburst hasn’t dealt with the issue yet.

But that’s not stopped anyone from saving a few seconds by eating the candy in the wrapper.

A few might even eat an entire piece of paper directly from the bar with their teeth. If you take a second to think about it, you’re eating paper, isn’t it? It’s not really.

It is true that manufacturers print only all the ingredient information of their products as well as other information about marketing and regulation in the package. However, there is no information about the chemicals or ingredients in the packaging.

Sure, you may see something similar to “made from recyclable material” or similar words on the wrapper, but there isn’t a lot of brand name list of the components of the packaging, because it is known that they’re not meant to be consumed.

Are Starburst Wrappers Safe?

It’s a difficult issue to answer since there’s very little information available about the wrappers and as there (fortunately) aren’t enough instances regarding the consumption of the packaging, it’s likely that they will not divulge any information about the ingredients in the wrappers.

Except for an outbreak of social media that makes the company issue an official statement regarding this trend , you can simply follow the rules of common sense of not chewing on the wrapping.

Are you still not convinced?

If you’re someone who regularly or occasionally consumes starbursts candy in the wrapper, then there are a few potential risks that you should be aware of:

There Is Ink On The Packaging

The wrappers aren’t simply ordinary paper. They also have ink.

Typically, manufacturers use food-safe inks on packaging material that is directly in contact with food items, however in the case of Starburst wrappers every candy is packaged and the logo of the candy is printed on the outside of the packaging – therefore, there is no way to tell whether it is suitable for consuming or not!

Take a look at it this way: we’ve been taught for years to keep food out of wrapped wrappers printed with newspapers or printed because the ink can spill onto food.

The same logic applies here as well. And because people are likely to eat wrappers, it could be riskier.

The Paper Wrappers Contains Concentrated Dye

Similar to the wrappers that contain printed materials using ink, wrappers are also stocked with a significant number of colors.

Starburst candy is renowned to feature colorful packaging. Additionally, the company employs various colors to signify the flavors. For instance, Starbursts that are lemon-flavored are bright yellow in color.

The secret here is the kind of dye used to create the packaging. We sifted through the online materials and knowledge base provided by Starbursts however, there’s no reference to the packaging nor the kinds of materials used to make the packaging.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that eating huge amounts of ink and dye shouldn’t be among your favorite food items!

The Wrappers Can Cause Digestive Issues

Starbursts appear to be made from a combination made of paper and other components. Paper itself is very porous, which means that it will absorb the oils released by the candy when it is heated up.

But, this isn’t the case with Starburst since the wax coating and paper protect the packaging from any remnants. This suggests that there’s more to it than is apparent with regard to this “paper” packaging of the Candy.

What is it that you need to be aware of? The answer is that paper is fibrous in nature and has an abundance of fiber that is insoluble.

Soluble fibers are typically dissolved in liquids and gastrointestinal fluids. They can be in the body and not create any problems.

Insoluble fiber is the exact opposite. It is undigested and travels generally unchanged through the digestive tract.

Although we consume lots of insoluble fibers in our diets, the majority of these nature-based fibers are designed to improve the density of stool or add bulk to the poop you excrement.

In the instance of Starburst wrappers packaging, it is possible that the package moves unaffected throughout the digestive tract and may cause blockages.

If enough wrappers accumulate inside the digestive tract, they may completely and/or in part block the intestine, which requires immediate medical attention.

A sign of a blockage may be a dull or sharp discomfort in the intestines abdominal swelling nausea, constipation difficulty in passing stool or gas, and so on.

In addition wrapping material or ink, or wax can trigger an aggressive immune response, which can cause many different symptoms, much like when you are sick.

There’s no way to tell what allergens, or other contaminants the packaging’s exterior might be carrying!

What To Do If You Accidentally Ate A Wrapper?

If you have accidentally eaten one of the wrappers, then the best option is to put it off. Do not be afraid and avoid vomiting without medical supervision.

In the majority of cases, eating only one or two wrappers will not trigger any health issues or digestive problems This is occur for lots of people, given that there are a lot of people who eat the candy wrapped in the wrapper.

The real question is: Would you be willing to risk the health of your family on just a chance?

We’ve already covered all the negative situations that could happen in the event that you consume candy in the wrapper so that you are aware of all the potential dangers. We advise against eating wrappers at all times since they’re not designed to be consumed.

Consult an experienced medical professional for further information about what you can take if you do get caught eating the wrapper.

Parents should be extra cautious when giving Starbursts out to children as the wrappers could cause choking hazards.

Chewing on the candy without wrapping it is bound to be challenging, particularly for children, which is why it can cause irritation to the throat.

Remember, should the company want to allow you to take the treat in the wrapper, there’d be an additional incentive, in the form of flavor-infused wrappers, but unfortunately, it’s not the case with starbursts.

Other Questions

Consuming Starbursts with the wrapper still on might be equivalent to playing Russian roulette on how your digestion is.

After you have learned the rules and regulations of eating candy like starbursts There are a few related questions:

Are starbursts wrappers created out of rice-based paper?

No. sweets wrapped inside rice paper typically located in Japan are designed to be eaten in the wrapper as their packaging comes of rice paper that is pure and edible and is usually specified in the label of manufacture.

For starbursts, the wrapper is made of regular waxed paper, and there is no evidence of its use by the company.

What is it that you can make using Starburst wrappers?

If you love candy wrappers and would like to preserve them the best way to reuse them is to use them to make crafts and arts.

There’s a whole group of recyclers of Starburst wrappers as well as various candy wrappers. The wrappers are often used to create origami, jewelry, and other fun items.

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