Can You Freeze JUST Egg?

Can you freeze JUST Egg? Yes, you can freeze JUST egg. It is expected to retain its flavor quality, texture, and texture very well during the process of freezing, however it isn’t recommended by the company. But, many are freezing JUST Egg, and there has very little impact on the quality.

JUST Egg can be located in the section for refrigerators in the supermarket and when you take home the eggs, they will need to be put back in the fridge as well.

Although JUST Egg is kept in the refrigerator it is a limited shelf-life. You may not have the ability to use it by the time it reaches its best-by date.

The best way to extend the shelf-life of JUST Egg would be to keep it in a freezer so that none goes to go to

What Is JUST Egg?

JUST Egg is an alternative to eggs that is vegan and produced by Eat Just. Eat Just, which produces vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products.

JUST Egg is made of beans called mung beans. It mimics the texture and taste of eggs extremely well, while also having the advantage of being totally vegan.

It’s sold in a bottle, and it comes already scrambled. So you can simply pour it into your frying pan to create scrambled eggs and omelets at your home!

Can You Really Freeze JUST Egg?

Although the company does not suggest freezing JUST Egg, it’s in fact safe to freeze and with the proper procedure, you will be able to successfully freeze JUST Egg without making any changes in its flavor and texture.

It is best to adhere to the best-by-date that is printed on JUST Egg product, however freezing JUST Egg allows it to remain fresh for longer. However, once you have removed the frozen JUST Egg it is best to make use of it as quickly as you are able to.

If you wish to adhere to all of the JUST Egg rules and not freeze this product. You may choose to use JUST Egg Folded, the other product of the brand. JUST Egg folded which is intended to be stored within the refrigerator.

Another alternative to eggs made from plants, however this one is slightly higher in calories and carbohydrates. This alternative can be kept in the freezer very well and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Cooking JUST Egg is easy and quick since it’s as ready-to-eat food, which is then frozen. You can however buy a bottle of JUST Egg and then try freezing it by yourself!

How To Freeze JUST Egg

The process of freezing JUST Egg is easy — there are several options you can pick from when freezing JUST egg, depending on whether or not the bottle has been opened and the amount of JUST Egg you intend to use in your dinner.

Three different possibilities for freezing JUST Eggs with success.

Freeze It In The Bottle

Freezing JUST Egg inside the bottle is a straightforward choice since you don’t need to move the product to other container, however it comes with a risks.

Liquids are known to expand when stored in freezers in the event that the bottle is actually full and there isn’t space to expand the liquid could explode in the freezer, and you could have to clean up just eggs from inside your freezer.

You can break open the JUST Egg bottle and pour a tiny amount of the product into it leaving around the 3/4-inch gap between the container and the product However, you’ll have to seal the lid securely to ensure that it is not leaking.

Another problem with freezing JUST Egg inside the bottles is that they will be longer taking to defrost when it is time to use it. Moreover, you’ll have to utilize the entire bottle fast, since it is not possible to thaw it or keep it in the fridge for too long after having frozen it.

If you’re planning to use the entire bottle in a short amount of time and you’re certain that the bottle won’t explode due to expansion when it is in the freezer, it’s fine to just freeze Eggs in the bottle.

Freeze It In Plastic Freezer Bags

If you would like to separate the JUST Egg prior to freezing, one of the best methods for doing this is to make use of the freezer bag made of plastic. They must be closedso it is possible to seal them in a proper manner prior to placing them inside the freezer.

You will need to select the size of your freezer bag according to the size of the portionyou will require depending on whether you are one person or a couple or for a family.

Pour the contents that is in that Egg that is JUST Egg into the freezer bag, leaving a little room to expand Squeeze out as much air as you can and close the bags completely.

Labelthe freezer bag made of plastic by your brand nameof the item and the dateof freezing and also the best-by date to help you monitor the best time to make use of it.

Spread these plastic freezer bags flat on the freezer and place one on top of another, in order to save some space.

This is how you’ll only have to defrost the amount you require without having to defrost the entire bottle.

Freeze It In An Ice Tray

Another option the time you need to freeze portions of JUST egg is to store the egg in an Ice block tray.

It will result in tiny portions, but this means you don’t need to defrost the entire bottle in one go, and you can take out as many portions of ice cubes as you like at the time you are ready to consume it.

To accomplish it, thoroughly wash the ice cube tray that you use in hot water. When it’s dry, pourthe JUST Egg product into the ice cubes and leave a tiny amount of room to allow for expanding.

Place the tray in the freezer, and allow it to sit for some time to chill. It can be covered using aluminium foil to keep it safe in the freezer.

After all the JUST Egg portions are frozen and cooled, break up the small cubes and put them in an airtight plastic freezer bag and freezer containers. Get rid of as much air as you can from the freezer bag prior to sealing, if you have one.

Label and label the container with the date of the freezing and then put it in the freezer.

This is a fantastic method of freezing JUST Egg since you can take as many ice cube-sized portions of JUST Egg as you require per meal, without having to defrost it all.

How Long Can JUST Egg Be Frozen For?

There are no specific guidelines on the time you can freeze JUST Egg. However, it is widely accepted that JUST Egg can be kept frozen for upto three months.

It is important to label the container in which you’re keeping the JUST Egg in . ensure that you make use of it within three months. It’s likely to be acceptable to use after 3 months, however the quality will decrease and the experience won’t be as fun as it could be.

How Do You Thaw JUST Egg?

Thawing JUST Egg is more simple to do than freezing! To melt JUST Egg regardless of whether it is frozen inside the bottle separate portions, you simply need to take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator.

It may take several hours, or even overnight, to let the eggs thaw in the fridge, however it’s the best method to defrost JUST Egg and will yield the best eggs you can get once cooked!

Do not put the thawed JUST Egg back in your freezer.


It is possible to freeze JUST Egg even though the manufacturer suggests against it. There are many ways to store JUST Egg based on the size of the portion you’re looking to freeze to prevent any wasted food.

Be sure to keep your eye on the date that is best-by and mark your freezer container with the date for freezing to ensure that you utilize it within 3 months from the date of freezer to get the best quality and also to get some delicious eggs made of vegan!

Other Questions Asked

How long will JUST Egg last in the fridge?

After being opened the JUST Egg must be consumed within 7 to 7 days. Check the date of expiration on the container, so that you can use it as a reference.

Can you bake a cake using JUST Eggs?

The good news is JUST Egg is able to be substituted for chicken eggs in bakecakes as well as other desserts.

It may have a slightly different texture and taste to it, but you’ll be able to ignore it and it is the opportunity to create vegan baked goods.

Does JUST Egg taste like an egg?

JUST Egg does an excellent job of replicating scrambled chicken eggs visually and texture, however there is some slight differences in flavor.

However, with a bit of salt and other ingredients, it is not evident.

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