Does Campari Go Bad Or Expire? Campari Lovers Beware!

Does Campari go bad? If stored properly, Campari can last up to a decade, longer than the typical bottle found in most households. Nevertheless, its flavor and aroma may be inadvertently affected by factors such as storage location. Poor storage can damage Campari and cause it to spoil prematurely.

Campari is yet another amazing Italian invention. Although it’s not as famous as pizza or pasta, however, it is fantastic with a spritz and is certain to be a favorite among anyone who loves cocktails.

It can last longer if stored on your serving cart. After a few months have passed since buying this liqueur with a red hue, and you’re wondering what the actual duration of its use is.

Key Overview

  • Campari is an Italian alcohol-based liquor with 20-28% ABV.
  • Campari is made by an infusion of different herbs, roots, berries, and fruits.
  • It has a dark-red hue and an acquired but iconic bitter taste and is typically consumed before a meal.
  • While Campari can last for a long time if stored correctly, it does eventually go bad after around 10 years, and once opened, it is recommended to consume it within six to eight months.
  • An unopened Campari bottle is not likely to be affected unless stored in an unsuitable environment, and it could spoil if stored for more than 10 years.
  • To determine if Campari is bad, one should look for changes in smell, taste, and appearance such as a faded color, accumulating sugar, and denser consistency.
  • To store Campari correctly, it should be kept on an unlit cool shelf, securely sealed, kept in a straight position, and not transferred to an alternative bottle.
Glass and bottle of Campari, with a bottle of Martini.
Glass and bottle of Campari, with a bottle of Martini.

What Is Campari?

Campari is an Italian alcohol-based Liquor with 20-28% ABV. Campari is made by an infusion of different herbs such as roots, berries, and even fruits.

It’s characterized by a dark-red hue and an acquired but iconic bitter taste. It is Aperitif (which is a simple word meaning “before”), and it is typically intended to accompany meals or to be consumed in the middle before the meal.

Does Campari Go Bad?

It is possible to believe that an alcoholic drink will last forever, but in reality, they are limited in life span too.

If you store an almost or complete bottle stored in a cool, dry location and away from direct sunlight, your Campari will not spoil for a long, long period.

But, while it could take several years before you detect a change in its scent or taste, Campari does eventually go bad.

Campari is a drink that can turn bad after about 10 years. It’s not dangerous in terms of health, but it may taste a bit unpleasant.

How Long Will Campari Last Once Opened?

Although most liqueurs can be enjoyed up to 12 months or more after the opening date, you should consider any odd color, smell, or flavors as a signal that they’ve reached their peak.

Surprisingly, Campari has been proven safe for consumption for up to 10 years if properly stored. Beverages such as Campari are among the strongest ones.

Liqueurs are produced by fermentation. Therefore, the aging of the drink tends to decrease or cease when bottled.

Although you can keep Campari within your cupboard for years, provided it is stored correctly, we recommend having it within six to eight months after opening the bottle.

Liquors made from fruits and herbs, such as Campari, have their best tasting in the first half of the year.

Can Unopened Campari Go Bad?

A bottle that has not been opened at Campari isn’t likely to be affected unless it’s stored in an unsuitable environment.

The Campari could spoil in the event of storage for more than 10 years unless it is stored in the original bottle in an airtight bottle.

How To Tell If Campari Is Bad?

It’s not a good day when your drink is ruined, and we have to dispose of them. If stored in an unsuitable way, the Campari could go bad. To determine if the Campari quality is excellent or not, look for these indicators:


If you’re an avid Campari customer, you’ll know that it has a distinctive scent.

The scent profile of Campari includes the bitter scent of orange, the gentian rinds, and the gentian rinds with the slight scent of cherries and cinnamon.

However, this rich and lovely scent could alter with time. If Campari remains open for a long period without proper storage, its authentic bitter scent will diminish, and it they have a mild scent.


Campari’s authentic and genuine bitter taste is easy to discern and distinct from any other drink. It is a deeply bitter, herbaceous, and smokey flavor that is distinctive.

If you’re not getting the overwhelming bitter taste in your mouth after just a couple of sips If you don’t, your Campari is no longer serving you. It’s time to buy an entirely new bottle.


Sometimes, you just observe and determine whether you’re Campari does a good job or not. Here are a few indicators:

If you see sugar accumulating around the cap of the bottle is a sign of not being good.

If the dark-red hue of the Campari appears faded, the color is not good.

If the consistency is getting denser, it’s a sign of bad.

Sometimes, even after these changes, you may continue to shake your Campari to reintegrate the ingredients that might be separated. If the flavor remains good, then it’s safe to drink.

How To Store Campari The Right Way

The method you use to store your Campari will determine the length of time your Campari keeps its freshness.

Remember these guidelines when trying to get the most value from your bottle of Campari without losing its flavor or aroma.

Be sure to store your Campari on an unlit shelf that is cool.

Correct storage of liquors.
Correct storage of liquors.

The sun’s rays reaching the bottle may cause the bottle to become damaged.

Open bottles should be securely sealed. Make use of the cap with the bottle, a cork that has been replaced, or a stopper for wine to seal an open bottle.

Make sure the bottle is in a straight position at all times. This will prevent the liquid from coming in contact with the cap, which can cause corrosion and worsening of the flavor of the drink.

To prevent oxidation, ensure that the bottle is sealed.

Be careful not to transfer the Campari to an alternative bottle. If you must, be sure that you keep the Campari in a glass bottle.

Keep the Campari at room temperature.

Follow these simple rules to assist you in prolonging the shelf life of your beverage and preserving its distinctive authenticity.

The Best Ways To Serve Campari

Campari is a drink that can be used in many different ways and in various recipes and cocktails. Here are a few of our favorite recipes!

Campari And Soda

It is possibly the most famous method to serve your Campari. It can be made with two parts soda and 1 part Campari.

Serve with ice, and you’re ready to go!

If you’d like to, some citrus or orange slices can be added to the drink to create a delicious citrus garnish.


It is said that the Negroni is a tasty drink and is especially good for a drink to enjoy after brunch! It’s an Italian cocktail that is a basic mixture of equal components of Campari Gin, gin, and sweet vermouth.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad? And Campari? It’s a mystery! This may sound strange; however, adding Campari to the fruit salad will surely improve the taste.


Do You Need To Refrigerate Campari?

No, Campari doesn’t need to be refrigerated but it should be stored in a cool, dry place.

How Do You Store Campari?

Campari should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Can You Drink Campari Straight Up?

Yes, Campari can be consumed straight up or on the rocks. It’s often served as an aperitif or a digestif.


Campari is an Italian liquor known for its dark-red hue and bitter taste with an alcohol content of 20-28% ABV.

While an unopened Campari bottle can last for a long time, it can eventually go bad after around 10 years, and once opened, it should be consumed within six to eight months.

To determine if Campari is bad, one should check for changes in its smell, taste, and appearance.

To store Campari correctly so you don’t need to worry about does Campari go bad or not, it should be kept in a cool, dark place, securely sealed, and in a straight position, without transferring it to a different bottle.

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