Does Parmesan Cheese Go Bad?

But does parmesan cheese go bad? Parmesan cheese is a cheese that eventually spoils. If it’s fresh, or grated in baggies, you’ll probably enjoy it for a few months. Block or unopened parmesan may last for a full year in storage in cold conditions; Parmesan that has been opened can last for at least a few months and is likely that it will diminish in terms of quality.

Parmesan cheese is somewhat of a rare food item. Although there is fresh parmesan cheese, there is nothing quite as decadent as grating parmesan cheese over pasta or pizza.

We’re now on the right path! It’s true that even fresh Parmesan cheese has a somewhat distinctive texture and feel. Parmesan cheese has a long shelf life, regardless of how you store it in your kitchen.

This is one of the food items that can be found in your fridge or pantry for a long time and then continue to use and reuse.

In this article we will take you through the specifics surrounding “can parmesan cheese spoil How long does it last?’ We will speak about fresh parmesan and the containers you buy from stores that contain parmesan. We will also discuss the proper storage methods and timeframes to determine how long you can anticipate the parmesan cheese to keep for.

We have plenty of information to give away, so stay with us to learn more about how parmesan cheese spoils and how to tell when. Let’s start!

Does Parmesan Cheese Go Bad?

Information is abundant in understanding parmesan cheese.

We would like to emphasize the fact that fresh and store-bought processed and grated parmesan might not operate in the same way.

We will also touch on each of these subjects throughout the book and will always distinguish between them so that you can tell what type of topic we’re discussing and more.

How Long Will Fresh Parmesan Cheese Last In The Fridge?

Let’s make this difficult. Actually, no!

There are many kinds of parmesan cheese and if you have read our best parmesan cheeses guide: there’s a block of fresh cheese that is fresh, or you can buy fresh cheese that is refrigerated and grated which is distinct from the dry, crumbly parmesan that we will be talking about shortly.

Does that make sense? In essence, the point is that this article is not have anything to do with the dry sprinkles of parmesan you can purchase in tubs.

Fresh Pre-Grated Parmesan

Let’s first talk briefly about fresh, pre-grated parmesan, which you can buy from the refrigerated dairy section of the supermarket. Grated parmesan is made with fresh cheese, however, we don’t know how fresh it is.

Freshly grated parmesan purchased from the grocery store usually has a best-by-date on the packaging. It is important to note that you do not have to throw it away after the date of best-by, however, that’s the recommendation of the company for use for the best quality. It is also possible to freeze the bags to keep them for longer. But we digress.

Because you are buying already-shredded parmesan cheese it will probably not last longer than a new piece of cheddar. The date of best-by on the bag is likely to provide you with a date that is only a few weeks away.

Note that this period is actually for a bag that has not been opened.

After you have opened that bag of parmesan cheese grated it will quickly go downhill. It is essential to seal it tightly for storage. After opening the cheese, it is ideal to consume it within seven days before the time when quality begins to diminish and parmesan cheese can begin to melt in hot temperatures.

Keep in mind that you can put it in a freezer if you require longer preservation, too.

Fresh Parmesan Block

Now, let’s discuss an uncut block of fresh parmesan cheese. If you are a fan of buying fresh cheese blocks from the local deli or one in your local supermarket, you can usually keep them for more than.

Even if you’re cutting chunks from the block or using pieces of the block, the rest of the block that is not used of the block will remain fresh for many weeks if kept properly.

Parmesan cheese is known as an extremely hard cheese. It is one of the characteristics that set it apart. It is likely to dry out more often than it goes bad. But parmesan may be able to remain a good thing.

Parmesan cheese is hard because it has less moisture than the other varieties of cheese. There’s nothing wrong with it. This is the way it is. the cheese.

Did you be aware that if an area is a little smoky then you can slice that off, and the rest of the cheese is suitable for consumption?

It is ideal to store any unusable cheese in blocks because, once it’s removed from the block, shelf-life is reduced and you may be limited in how long you can keep your cheese.

To keep a block of parmesan cheese, make sure you wrap it tightly and then place the cheese in an airtight container, or maybe a bag for storage. It should be airtight to ensure that it won’t be negatively affected by the air that surrounds it within the refrigerator.

A block of parmesan cheese can last up to 8 weeks to ensure the highest quality. It is possible it can last longer than that. Keep the cheese’s rind in good condition for the best results.

It is recommended to store your parmesan block in the fridge between the temperature 38 and 45 F degrees.

How Long Will Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese Last Inside The Fridge?

Sprinkle cheese parmesan is the cheese that you purchase in the tub. It’s finely grated, or ground, and is often used in recipes to add flavor or sprinkled over foods such as pizza, pasta, and many more.

It is regarded as to be a Parmesan processed cheese and has a very long shelf-life. When you open the canister it is suggested that you keep this kind of cheese within the refrigerator however, you can keep an unopened container in your pantry for as long as one year.

The parmesan cheese can also be identified with a date of best-by. This is required for the majority of meals and is essentially the guarantee provided by the producer for the highest quality.

Be assured that this sort of parmesan is likely to remain excellent long after the date.

It is possible that this cheese will become spoiled and we’ll examine some indications of this in the final part of this article. Be aware that when you open the cheese, it’s ideal to keep it in the fridge since it helps keep it fresher for longer.

You could keep your open sprinkle cheese in the refrigerator for up to one an entire year and it will remain fresh. You can also throw it into the freezer in case you’re concerned about it, and then preserve the quality of it too.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Parmesan Cheese?

The fact is that it’s unlikely to take place if you consume aged parmesan cheese. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh cheese or the sprinkle canister Parmesan typically has a long shelf life.

In reality, the majority of parmesan won’t become rotten before being utilized and can be stored for an incredibly period duration before it will begin to go bad.

If there’s nothing rotten in the cheese and it hasn’t become rotten and is not rotten, it can be considered safe to consume well after when the date of expiration is. Take note of our advice in previous sections that you can slice off the moldy pieces of fresh parmesan and utilize the remainder of the block.

Be aware of the indications of bad parmesan cheese (which we’ll discuss shortly) and then continue enjoying your cheese. In this instance, the expiration date is an indication of the best-by date, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate you’ve expired or are now bad.

Likely, you won’t be a problem having parmesan cheese again after the date, whether it’s fresh or sprinkled parmesan or both.

How Long Will Grated Parmesan Cheese Last Following Its Expiration Day?

In this particular instance, we will specifically talk about the canister that contains grated” Parmesan cheese. The parmesan you find in the container is likely more of a finely grated and even ground version of parmesan than the typical shredded cheese you imagine with grated.

It’s referred to as sprinkle parmesan because that’s the way the bag or tub is utilized. Whatever the case what we’re trying to convey is that we’re speaking of fresh Parmesan in this particular section.

If you store the sprinkled cheese properly, it can last many months beyond the expiration date and even an entire year. Similar to what we’ve been saying before the cheese isn’t likely to spoil any time soon.

It can be rotten, but it will take a while. Sometimes, it’s because it was not stored properly. Place any chopped (sprinkle) cheddar cheese inside the refrigerator or freezer for much longer than you think.

Many experts suggest it could last up to one year longer than its expiration date if stored this way. Always make sure you look for warning indications for rancid cheese. We’ll provide specific guidelines for identifying those indications in the coming days.

Does Parmesan Cheese Spoil If Not Refrigerated?

We’d like to break this into two parts to make it as easy as possible. First, we will talk about fresh parmesan followed by grated sprinkle parmesan to keep the information distinct for you, and yet be able to answer the question from every angle.

Fresh Parmesan Cheese

It is crucial to keep fresh cheese in the refrigerator. Although you can leave the cheese at room temperature it will last longer if kept chilled.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought a fresh slice from the deli or a packaged fresh cheese in the aisle of dairy, it’s recommended to store your fresh cheese.

It is a hard cheese and most hard cheeses endure not being refrigerated enough for a few weeks. But, they do tend to last longer when refrigerated.

If you keep your fresh cheddar cheeses in the refrigerator it could be possible to take pleasure in them for up to eight days. However, if you keep it at room temperature, you may only get two weeks from it, depending on the location and the way you keep it.

If you choose to keep the item at room temperature make sure to wrap it tightly and placed it in a cool, dry location. It’s not ideal for it to be exposed to heat or humidity because this can cause it to get rotten much quicker.

If the cheese that you purchased fresh remains not opened in its original container the cheese could be able to last up to 3-4 weeks when stored at room temperature but it’ll last for more than six months with refrigeration. You can refrigerate it to ensure the longest shelf life that you can get.

Grated Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese

Sprinkle cheese made with sprinkles is a different type of cheese. The cheese is made and is different. If you buy it off the shelf, and the cheese you purchased is unopened it can be stored within your kitchen pantry for up to one year.

But, after you have removed the seal and then open the cheese, it is recommended to be planning to keep your cheese in the fridge. The refrigerator ensures that it is fresh and preserves it for longer.

If you decide to keep the canister at room temperature make sure to keep it in a dry, cold area. You’ll notice that your canister may say “refrigerate after opening” and we strongly recommend following this instruction to ensure safety.

If you put it in the freezer or refrigerator then you’ll be able to utilize it for a longer period and will also have less risk of spoiling.

For the best results, We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator.

How To Tell If Parmesan Cheese Has Gone Bad

Then, we get to the section we’ve promised throughout the book. We’ve got some tips for you and some information on how to recognize the signs that parmesan cheese may have been spoiled.

We will not include any confusing disclaimers here. The advice we give applies to both grated sprinkles and freshly made parmesan cheese.

These guidelines are simple and effective, and they are a good method to determine whether or not it may be time to throw out the cheese. In the majority of cases, the cheese you have is likely suitable for so long as you don’t experience any of these problems.


A sure sign of mold is. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t mean that every portion of cheese is been ruined. If you see that there is mold on the portion of parmesan cheese, you can get rid of the area that is contaminated with mold and keep the rest of the cheese.

If you notice the presence of mold in sprinkles It’s best to dispose of the entire container because it’s hard to identify exactly where the mold originates from.


You can then check for coloration. It is important to note that if you’ve got parmesan cheese in a block it has a rind that is naturally darker than other cheese. It isn’t a bad cheese.

But, aside from this, if you observe areas or spots of parmesan that appear to have unusual shades This could indicate that the cheese is not good.


You have likely smelled of fresh cheese. Our noses can detect the scents of cheese that have gone bad or cheese that has started to turn rancid.

Have a sniff of the cheese parmesan if you are unsure whether it’s safe. If it’s got any sort of off smell or smells rancid or sour at all, it’s likely to be best to discard it and throw it out.

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