Best Parmesan Cheeses of 2023 – The Best And Worst!

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What is the best parmesan cheese? The best parmesan cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano. It is widely regarded as the King of cheeses due to its nutty, bold flavor and famous use in numerous recipes. To be considered authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, it must be made in a particular area in central Italy.

When it comes to parmesan cheese, there are many choices to pick from. It is possible to use grated parmesan that comes from bottles, chopped parmesan, or can use the whole cheese.

The bottom line is that you can choose whatever you like. In any case, it’s best to use a different type of parmesan, be it simply a tasty topping to a bowl of spaghetti or a huge portion that’s fresh.

In this article, we’ll share with you the best cheese parmesan options, from grated to sliced as well as everything else in between.

We’ll be sharing a few of our products with you, but this article will be more focused on explaining the different types of parmesan and the times you should make use of these types of parmesan, and when you should use them.

Stay tuned to us for more information about the best cheese made from parmesan and much more!

The Best Parmesan Cheeses

If you purchase parmesan at the supermarket, either in the bags that are sealed or in an enormous plastic container, did you realize that you may not be purchasing real parmesan?

It’s not that it won’t do the trick however, these cheeses aren’t the typical freshly made parmesan, in the majority of cases and may have gone processed to transform into the cheese that you’re making.

This is particularly the case with that finely grated parmesan topping that a lot of us make use of for parmesan-based toppings.

If you believe that this is the most perfect parmesan available then you’ve been misled! We’re not saying that it’s not! this kind of parmesan is certainly beneficial however, we think it’s essential to be aware that it isn’t the most delicious parmesan!

We’ll go over the whole thing here, and then share some of our most loved products. You’ll find fresh, fresh-cut parmesan is best located in your local Deli.

What Is True Parmesan?

Fresh and true parmesan cheese can be considered to be semi-hard or hard cheese. If you’ve worked using aged cheddars, they’re slightly more rigid than cheddar and are extremely effective as grated cheese.

When you think of parmesan, there are many different kinds and varieties. Here are some you may not be aware of.

  • Parmesan
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Parmesan Powder
  • Shredded Parmesan
  • Grana Padano
  • Pecorino Romano
  • Asiago

They are all different types and styles of parmesan cheese or other cheeses that are similar to parmesan.

Let’s begin by looking at the different varieties of cheeses, so you are aware of the distinctions!


If you’re searching for authentic parmesan cheese you’ll need to search for this particular phrase.

If Parmesan is just an invented cheese that could be authentic or not, Parmigiano-Reggiano truly is authentic.

This is the most excellent parmesan cheese you can get. We suggest buying it from the deli of your preference when you require it.

If you’re referring to parmesan, it’s likely what you’re talking about. If you’re seeking authentic parmesan, the words could make all the distinction!

It’s an Italian cheese and is among the top Italian cheeses you’ll discover. To be classified as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, it must be made in two distinct regions of Italy.

If it originates from another place, it will not comply with the criteria and can’t be labeled as Parmigiano Reggiano.

Remember that you can purchase various varieties of Parmigiano-Reggiano and it could be different in the age before being released.

24 Month-Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano

It’s a full-flavored Italian cheese that can be utilized for either grated, shredded, or eaten as a whole If you prefer it that way.

This cheese has been aged for over two years and is an exceptional cheese that is impossible to beat.

The quality is excellent and it comes from Italy just as it is supposed to be.

It’s a fine cheddar in all senses and is an authentic parmesan. It’s available with the cheese and rind cut into a club.

Keep in mind that it is being shipped to you by the company who brings it in from Italy. The company cuts and packages each piece of cut by hand. Then they deliver it using the fastest shipping time in protected packaging to maintain freshness.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano is a cheese that has a lot of similarities to Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is a cheese with a golden color with an elongated rind that is also made with cow’s milk, too.

The main difference between Grana Padano and Parmigiano-Reggiano is that Grana Padano is not restricted to two regions in Italy.

In the same way, it’s an original Italian cheese however the production areas are much bigger and it does not have to be aged for in time, and you can be able to find it aged up to 9 months.

This is the most Parmesan cheese to choose from but it isn’t the best choice.

Grana Padano may be slightly sweeter than Parmesan cheeses, but it is also known to be more accessible and doesn’t run as much in the end.

Although it isn’t exactly like Parmigiano-Reggiano, it’s the next best alternative.

Since it’s not as tightly controlled and regulated, it’s more affordable and is often accessible.

It is a product of Northern Italy and is a great backup or replica for Parmesan for those who need a second alternative. It is the second-best parmesan we would recommend.

Alma Gourmet Grana Padano

The Grana Padano cheese was aged for 18 months which is like the aging process of Parmigiano Reggiano.

It’s made using basic cow’s milk along with the salt and rennet along with egg white Lysosome.

They are regulated by high standards of quality as well as import cheeses in Italy into New York, where it is then sold to customers who place orders for them.

This company cut fresh cheese every day and wraps it up in protected plastic that isn’t vacuum sealed. They deliver it to you with insulation and ice packs to get it in the freshest condition they can in the event of the shipping.

This will have smooth, fresh skin that is tough and thick, as expected and your slices will arrive complete with the entire rind, too.

Pecorino Romano

The next option is a fantastic parmesan choice, referred to in the form of Pecorino Romano. It is very similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano and is a lot more expensive than the grated cheese you buy at the majority of grocery stores.

Its texture and process of aging as well as the rind is very similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano. Both come from Italy which means you’re getting authentic Italian cheese here.

Pecorino Romano comes from sheep’s milk, not cow’s milk, so that’s the main difference. If you are who are sensitive to cow’s milk it could prove to be a huge advantage.

The process of aging is smaller than the process of parmesan and requires just 8 to 9 months of maturation before distribution.

Additionally, Pecorino Romano is made directly from Sardinia, Lazio, and Tuscan regions from Italy, which aren’t the typical Northern regions used to source genuine parmesan cheese.

The only real point of similarity is in their flavor profiles. Pecorino Romano has a salty and tangy profile that is slightly more tangy than Parmigiano Reggiano.

It’s bright due to the sheep’s milk that is used in the production. It’s possible to see that the shade is slightly different from white cheese and an oblong-shaped dark rind.

Pecorino Romano is a bit easier to locate and is found in most local Deli stores. This is an option online If you like this.

Carmen & Lola Pecorino Romano

This is one of the DOP-type cheeses similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is a different standard however it is a fantastic Parmesan alternative when you require it.

It’s in from Italy. The company will ship it in an insulated package using a fast shipping method to ensure freshness.


Asiago cheese is another excellent parmesan alternative that is very similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano, in a variety of ways. Both originate from cow’s milk in Italy and are even found in similar regions.

Asiago is likely very similar to Parmesan in flavor, but it could be more creamy and soft compared to the more abrasive nature of Parmesan.

Asiago is a great parmesan substitute and is a delightful and delicate choice. The most notable distinction can be seen in the way it is that asiago cheese is thought to be semi-soft whereas Parmigiano-Reggiano is regarded as semi-hard.

The flavors are fairly alike, aside from in terms of texture. Asiago isn’t quite as tightly controlled regarding the regulation of DOP. This makes it simpler to find Asiago and is quite simple to obtain.

Bel Gioioso Asiago

This is a delightful and easy asiago cheese that has a rich flavor. It’s smooth and creamy at the same time.

It is packaged in a compact, sealed wedge that arrives freshly cooled and wrapped for proper shipping.

It has a hint of sharpness to the flavor and can be great to serve as well.


The issue with the label Parmesan lies in the fact that FDA makes this category quite wide.

It doesn’t need to be from the authentic parmesan lineage, which means you don’t get what you think you’re getting buying it.

The only requirement for a cheese to be classified as parmesan is that it is made from cow’s milk. It also is a hard and crumbly rind, as well as a granular texture.

In this case, the background of the cheese does not have anything whatsoever to do with this, so it’s not a guarantee that it’s from Italy just like the authentic parmesan cheese.

This is where you’ll notice the distinction. Parmesan can be described as an American imitation of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It is real parmesan.

Keep in mind that we’re not suggesting that parmesan isn’t an excellent choice and isn’t an excellent cheese. We just would like you to be aware.

This is a great version of parmesan if you need something to fill your cravings!

Here are a few alternatives for you to consider regarding parmesan cheese.


If you’re in search of an excellent sprinkle parmesan or grated parmesan this is a great alternative.

They do make use of an imported Parmesan cheese (although it is not Parmigiano-Reggiano) that is grated to create the consistency of a fine powder.

The cheese was matured in 10 months and is of exceptional quality.

Parmesan sprinkles could be anything, this one is made from Italian cheese, and isn’t packed with fillers and preservatives.

The ingredients list is fairly easy to follow, offering the option of good parmesan.


Kraft is a timeless Parmesan sprinkle cheese, and it’s impossible to make a mistake with this.

The list of ingredients is fairly simple and parmesan cheese is the most important ingredient.

There are not a lot of ingredients or anything similar to which to worry about. This is a product that is intended to imitate Italian Parmesan cheese, and it’s a great substitute!

Signature Kirkland

For those who want a Parmigiano-Reggiano that has been pre-shredded the option offered by Kirkland is a fantastic purchase.

It is important to note that it’s not Parmigiano-Reggiano It was simply shredded to make it easier for distribution. This was aged 24 months and was imported into Italy.

It’s a fantastic choice for those who love the great taste and also the great flavor!

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