What Is Hulless Popcorn? Myth Or Fact – Buying Guide

Is hulless popcorn a thing? Unfortunately, hulless popcorn does not exist. There are however a few varieties of kernels that produce smaller hulls, or hulls that break down into smaller pieces, which makes them less apparent when they pop.

Who doesn’t love popcorn! It is a great addition to practically every occasion! Movie nights, birthday celebrations attending the fair, or even being at your home!

There’s no event that is too big or small to be paired with delicious freshly popped popcorn.

But, with the delicious buttery goodness comes those tiny little pieces that stick to your teeth.

In a perfect world, we’d eat popcorn with no kernels! We’ve all heard reports of popcorn without hulls, but does it exist or is it just fantasies?

Today, we’ll be discussing precisely how to make “hulless popcorn” and how to make it.

The most important thing is that we’ll be discussing the various varieties of microwave popcorn hulless bags air-poppers, raw hulled kernels, and even packaged and pre-popped brand names that are helpless.

Does Hulless Popcorn Exist?

Let’s get down to the business. Popcorn that is not helpless, it’s a complete fable! It doesn’t exist. You would think in the past, something as simple as hulless corn would have been invented.

The popcorn industry has existed for a long, who could be getting bored with it and try creating the hulless popcorn?

Unfortunately, even though numerous have tried and failed but failed, no one has achieved success. None have succeeded in reducing the number of hulls on each flake that pops!

In essence, it’s impossible! A kernel can be the main ingredient in the puffy inside-out snack. There is no way that popcorn could be popped without a kernel, so it is impossible to completely remove the kernel!

The Next Greatest Thing

For those whose hopes and desires we’ve just destroyed don’t be afraid! There is some light at the end of the popcorn tunnel! Although there’s nothing quite as good as hulless popcorn there are a few “next best” options out there.

What has often referred “hulless” popcorn “hulless popcorn” actually refers to small hulled popcorn.

It technically has the hull, but it’s less prominent and visible in comparison with regular popcorn. You have likely been a victim of it, without knowing it!

Small hulled popcorn is a kind of popcorn that appears to be an ideal cartoon-style chunk of pop. They are smaller in size, softer, and come with an elongated hull that is less visible. The thing that makes the hull “smaller” is the way the kernel is popped.

When heating is applied, and moisture within makes the kernel pop, it is broken into several smaller pieces. It is then dispersed across the outside of the pop kernel.

This is the reason why the pieces don’t stick to your teeth as well and make the hull appear less obvious.

High-quality popcorn typically is smaller hulled popcorn. The lesser quality brands that make popcorn use “bad” kernels that create large hulls.

The kernels are bound to be trapped in your mouth, therefore if seeking to stay clear of that pesky kernel, make some extra dollars and it’s certainly worthwhile!

What Is Popcorn?

Contrary to what many believe, popcorn isn’t just come out of the blue in those iconic bags with a white and red stripe. Popcorn has a long and rich history, which played an enormous part in the world of food and even to the present day!

While popcorn is perhaps one of the more American products, America wasn’t the first to discover this.

Corn was introduced to the world around 10,000 years ago in the region in which Mexico is today.

The Aztecs were unaware of popcorn until the kernels they had harvested became too hot. They began popping, like all food items the new snack was discovered!

Since then, a variety of different cuisines and cultures have come up with distinctive ways to make, flavor, and serve popcorn. There are even ways to improve the quality of it.

The variety of popcorn is corn kernels which pop into tasty, airy, and fluffy snacks when high temperatures are applied. The popcorn shell is the kernel and seed which explodes when under pressure.

The kernel is made up of a tiny amount of water that when heated up, causes pressure on the hard surface, causing it to form the kernel, which eventually explodes or it explodes!

When the kernel explodes the starch that is present from inside expands and transforms the kernel into a whole and that’s the reason you’ve got that nagging kernel inside!

There are many ways that popcorn can be made, and as we’ve stated, different cultures usually employ their specific ways of making popcorn.

The most commonly used method of making freshly made popcorn is prepared is to cook popcorn kernels in a large pot along with some butter or oil (for Butter-flavored popcorn).

It can also be used to make kettle corn. which is a candy-coated popped kernel that is commonly offered at fairs and carnivals.

Also, you can find popcorn machines that are commercially available, with small pots with built-in rotation so that the popcorn kernels don’t ignite.

Then, finally, we’ve refined popcorn as well as flavor kernels which are popped in the microwave, an extremely fast and efficient method that has become more well-known over the years.

The Best Hulless Popcorn Brands

We now know that popcorn that is hulless popcorn is a complete fable However, there are brands of popcorn that sell products that are nearly hulless they’re advertised as like it.

ORGANICS, Riehle’s, and Bobs Red Mill Whole White Popcorn are excellent brands to test.

Three brands acknowledge that each piece of corn popped has a hull however, it’s considered to be as small in comparison to other varieties that many prefer this.

ORGANICS Virtually Hulless Popcorn Kernels

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These popcorn kernels are tiny that, when they pop, the shell almost breaks apart.

These popcorn kernels are organic, unprocessed non-GMO, and gluten-free!

They’re perfect white soft snacks rich in fiber and calories, especially when they’re popped without oil sugar, fat, or.

The Select Popping of Corn

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The popcorn Riehle makes is whole-grain white popcorn that has a hull, similar to Organics “brands,” which will break down due to being tiny.

Opcorn is high in fiber. It also contains antioxidants.

This type of popcorn is not suitable for air fryers and is best cooked on a stovetop in a pot.

Bobs Red Mill Whole White Popcorn

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Bobs Red Mill popcorn is made from similar white kernels of popcorn which have tiny kernels that are able to disappear.

It’s a fantastic whole-grain snack, which is gluten-free, an excellent food source for fiber as well as is a certified non-GMO food.

The Best Microwave Popcorn Brands

Microwave popcorn is definitely one of the most innovative inventions ever invented! It’s simple and doesn’t require much time, produces delicious and delicious popcorn, and can save you many dishes!

Microwave popcorn operates in the same way that regular popcorn functions. It is stored inside a microwave-safe bag which will not burn or break when they are heated.

The kernels are soaked in various flavors The most popular are salt, butter vinegar, chives, or even salt.

Once the bag is in the oven or microwave device, powerful heat creates a heat that causes the kernels to melt and pop out of the mix of spices, making flavor-infused kernels.

The fast and high-energy heat generated by the microwave makes this method faster than other methods and is more practical. You can consume popcorn straight from the bag without having to use a dish.

But sitting in the popcorn aisle can be a bit daunting.

There’s always a chance that a particular microwave popcorn may have bigger kernels, less flavor, or wrong times which cause the popcorn to catch fire.

So, we’ve searched across the globe for the most popular microwave popcorn brands with the most compact kernels. Luckily you can find them all discovered on the internet!

Amish Country Popcorn

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This popcorn is made of tiny white kernels that have decreased the time to pop by a significant amount! This makes it a more convenient choice!

Because the kernels are tiny that the hull is virtually insignificant compared to the larger kernels, and it splits into even small pieces.

Black Jewells Microwave Popcorn

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We love! This is a form of corn kernels that are super small that are black-colored and still have a white pop! It’s quite stunning to see!

The extremely tiny shell, too, renders the kernel almost non-existent which means you can enjoy your popcorn without causing irritation or interruptions.

The kernels that are black offer a more savory taste to the regular small hull popcorn, and are also softer. It’s difficult to explain it if you’ve never tried something like this before, so you must to try it!

Tiny But Mighty

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Another option is to microwave popcorn in a convenient manner. These are kernels from the heirloom variety that produce virtually hulless popcorn.

Unfortunately, they only sell butter and salted popcorn, however for the majority of people, those are the only flavors you’ll ever need!

Popcorn Popper Brands

An automatic popcorn popper – the perfect popcorn-lovers friend.

Popcorn poppers are essentially small versions of the big machines you typically see at the cinema.

A popcorn maker operates by spinning uncooked popcorn kernels within a big chamber. The popcorn popper produces heat, which then warms the kernels, which makes them pop.

The popcorn popper is awe-inspiring since it consumes less oil than making popcorn into a pot. it’s also a much faster process due to the instant, automatic heat control.

In addition, all kernels explode at the same time, which means you don’t have to worry about certain kernels popping, while others begin burning.

There are two types of popcorn poppers: electronic popcorn poppers as well as microwave popcorn poppers.

Poppers for electric popcorn function similar to the popcorn machines seen in the movies, but are a smaller models. The machine is heated and popcorn kernels start popping.

Poppers for microwave popcorn are typically made from silicone or glass. They’re sort of a combination of the electrical popcorn maker and microwave in the way they function.

The popcorn popper collects the steam in the container, which will then get heated. The kernels then heat and eventually begin to pop. This is less expensive to purchase an electronic popcorn maker.

Dash Hot Air Popcorn Popper

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This popcorn popper from DASH effortlessly pops popcorn without the need for any additional oil. It’s easy to use and also heats the popcorn very quickly.

It only has one button, which makes it simple for children to use.

Presto Poplite Hot Air Popper

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This model is very like this model, the one from DASH.

It pops up with air, not oil, is easy to use, and includes an impressive butter melter, which can be used as a measuring cup as well.

The Presto Stirring Popper

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Presto’s Stirring Popper works in a slightly different way as opposed to the typical air popper.

Popcorn is encased within the dome and does not escape the dome until it is popping.

The butter melter that is on at the top will ensure that the butter is evenly distributed across the popcorn as they rotate.

Brands that Pre-Popped Popcorn

Pre-popped popcorn is exactly as its name implies. These are the bags of popcorn that you purchase already popped and flavoring. Pre-popped popcorn is an excellent option to avoid the stress of popping kernels by yourself, and also cooking dishes.

Pre-popped popcorn will stay fresh for three days when stored in a dry, cool place. Commercial popcorn typically will last longer in shelf life because of the various additives and preservatives.

Pre-popped popcorn is good because most of the popcorn that has been half-popped has been taken out, meaning it is less likely that you will find kernels stuck to your teeth.

Manufacturers also choose to use Hulless kernel varieties since they are aware of how many people dislike it!

The Colby Ridge’s Gourmet White Popped Popcorn

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Colby Ridge’s popcorn that is pre-popped is available in bulk bags and can hold up to 80 cups of popcorn.

This bag is among the fresher versions of popped bags and isn’t stuffed with as many preservatives or flavorings. It can be easily sealed and stored for up 30 days.

Food and Beverage Producer Jon’s Buttery Popcorn Bag

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The popcorn is soft and soft kernels, meaning that the hull is likely to be spherical and not strong.

It is perfectly flavorful with butter and contains no extra MSG or other preservatives.

Boom Chicka Pop

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Boom Chicka Pop comes in a variety of flavors that include sea salt as well as sweet and salty kettle corn.

The popcorn has been pre-packed meaning that your popcorn lasts longer than popcorn that has been freshly popped.

Other Questions Asked

After we’ve reviewed the top “hulless” popcorn brands, we’ll look at some related questions regarding the subject!

What Are The Primary Difference Between Microwave Or Stove-Top Popcorn?

Microwave popcorn is designed to be as easy and simple as it is. Stovetop popcorn may require somewhat more difficulty until you’ve achieved the art of making it the microwave popcorn is superior every time.

Stove-top popcorn can be prepared according to your preference. The flavor is more concentrated. Additionally, large quantities of popcorn can be popped in one go.

Is Popcorn A Nutritious Snack?

Yes! It’s all-grain, high in fiber, and has lots of antioxidants. Popcorn that is air-popped, without added oil or butter, and with the smallest amount of salt and spices is the most healthy kind.

How Do You Create Perfect Microwave Popcorn?

Each bag of microwave popcorn’s instructions differs, however popcorn should be cooked in between 2-4 minutes. Once the popping sound decreases to about 2 seconds between popping then your microwave popcorn is done.

The method and timings do not affect any hull that you get in the kernels you pop.

Did you find this guide helpful?