What Does An Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

So, what exactly does an egg from an ostrich taste like? Ostrich eggs taste like chicken eggs. However, it is slightly sweeter, somewhat buttery, less potent, and intense and has the softest and fluffier texture.

If you’ve ever looked at an ostrich egg, you might be amazed at its appearance. It appears to be a massive version of a chicken’s egg.

As a delicacy throughout the world, ostrich eggs, similar to chicken eggs, have been a popular breakfast option and are often cooked identically to a chicken egg.

There are, however, significant differences between these two eggs in terms of texture, size, and size.

Continue reading to find out more about ostrich eggs , their nutritional advantages, as well as the differences and similarities to eggs from chickens and the various ways to cook an egg from an ostrich.

What is an Ostrich Egg taste like?

Many who have been able to taste an ostrich egg affirm that it is like a chicken egg.

It appears similar to the chicken egg once cooked and can therefore be misleading on first sight.

But, ostrich eggs tend to be more potent and intense in flavor than chicken eggs. They also have a more buttery taste and possess a touch of sweetness.

Ostrich eggs’ flavor are not for everyone. Usually, it’s because people eat an ostrich egg with the belief that it’ll taste like an egg from a chicken. The intense taste of an Ostrich egg is what is what makes them a taste that’s acquired.

Unique Qualities Of An Ostrich Egg

If you’ve never seen an ostrich egg, you might wonder why they are considered exceptional or exotic.

They are first of all massive in size, and are the giant egg that comes from an animal. Ostrich eggs are so large they can be compared to nearly 24 regular-sized chicken eggs. They weigh from 3 to 5 pounds.

Ostrich eggs are extremely heavy shell that is unable to be opened manually or by breaking it on a counter, like an egg from a chicken. Because of their thickness, it requires a hammer, or a different device to break them open to take the egg out.

The nutritional benefits of an Ostrich Egg

Ostrich eggs offer a variety of advantages for health that make an egg worth trying out or adding to your diet.

They are very high of protein and vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Much like eggs from chickens, they are also rich levels of B12, Riboflavin, and Folic acid(which is thought to be excellent for expecting women!)

They’re not high in sodium but are very they are high in magnesium and iron.

The nutritional benefits of these foods closely resemble the help of an egg from a chicken. However, it is crucial to be aware of the dimensions of the eggs.

Ostrich eggs are enormous and must be eaten at different times since eating the entire thing is like eating 2 dozen chicken eggs , and it is almost impossible.

This means the health benefits could be shared with family and friends at a table for brunch.

Ostrich Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

It’s almost unfair to compare eggs, as their size does make them very different. However, we can observe certain differences between them.

Evidently, their size, shell and flavor are identical; however they differ from one another.

Another major distinction is that eggs of ostrich contain higher levels of vitamin A E, magnesium and vitamin A. In contrast, an egg from a chicken is more abundant in vitamin B6, D6, B12, and selenium.

Overall, both kinds of eggs provide good and distinct health benefits to the people who consume them.

How to Cook An Ostrich Egg

The best thing about eggs from ostriches is they they can be cooked in the like chicken eggs cooked, therefore, if you eat chicken eggs, you’ll not have any issues cooking eggs from ostriches.

Only difference one of time. Ostrich eggs are more difficult to cook than chicken eggs.


The most popular method to cook an Ostrich egg is to scramble it. It is first necessary to make holes within the shell. Make sure that you cut through the egg’s membrane.

Simply put the egg from the shell in a bowl, and cook the egg in a pan on the stove using a bit of olive oil or butter. Remember that the cooking time is more than that of an egg from a chicken.


An omelet can be made in a manner similar to scrambled ostrich egg , and also like an omelet made of eggs from chicken eggs.

Simply mix the egg of the ostrich, then cook it as you would an egg omelet made of chicken. Make sure to include your preferred toppings such as veggies and breakfast food.


The final method to cook an egg of an ostrich egg is by boiling it just like you would do if you were looking for a hardboiled chicken egg.

All you have be doing is to add up a large pot with water and bring it boiling , then place the egg of an ostrich in it.

Ostrich eggs will take between 30 minutes to two hours to cook fully, based on its size. Therefore, it’s the least reliable method to cook eggs.

You can make a tiny hole around the 1 hour mark to test the membrane. If it’s still liquid allow it to simmer for a bit longer.

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