What Is Red Horse Beer? Philippines Drink Guide

What is Red Horse Beer? Every country has its super-strength lager that is called a “wife-beater” and in the Philippines, it’s Red Horse.

There is a lot you can learn about someone from the Philippines through the kind of beer they consume. If you spot somebody who is drinking San Miguel Light for example typically, they’re either a ladyboy, a lady, or an American. If you spot people drinking San Miguel Pilsner typically, they are either a man or an extremely tough American.

If you happen to see anyone drinking Red Horse it means they are extremely tough, like to party, and aren’t American.

Read on to discover more interesting information about the Philippines’ popular Red Horse Beer!

Guide To The Philippines’ Beer Scene

In the first gambit, we’ve amusingly introduced almost all beers from the Philippines. In essence, there are two brands: San Miguel and Red Horse. There is an American influence on the craft beer scene within the Philippines that is significant. San Miguel Light is extremely (bad) well-known. Light beers are largely the norm in America. American thing. So far, it is the case that the Philippines has been the one Asian country to have adopted light beers. In colloquial terms, it’s called SML.

SMP can be described as San Miguel Pilsner. This is the most loved beer available in the Philippines and also the most likely one that you be able to see exported. Most likely to areas the countries where there are many Filipinos. Red Horse is considered the most masculine of beers because it’s so robust.

Drinking liquor that is produced in the Philippines is a different thing, and it’s astonishingly Filipino Rum and Brandy are among the most popular around the world.

Are you looking for something more terrifying? The top-selling beer around is Chinese and is bad.

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When Was Red Horse Beer Founded?

San Miguel is the big beer producer in the Philippines. However, let’s say that it’s not exactly top-of-the-line stuff. In the 1980s, drinking options available in the Philippines were, therefore, a little restricted. Tanduay Rum was available as were San Miguel Pilsner and a few other drinks, but there was nothing “in the middle” alcohol in the sense.

San Miguel duly invented Red Horse beer in 1982, which at 8.2 percent was the first and one and only “super strength” lager in the Philippines. Since then, it has been widely acclaimed as the fight drink for the Philippines.

Has Red Horse Beer Won Any Awards?

We’re so happy you’ve asked! It was awarded two gold medals at the Australian International Beer Awards, but it is kept in mind that Australis has brought us Castlemaine XXXXX and Fosters. In essence, they don’t know what they’re talking about in the world of lager.

Red Horse Beer In Filipino Society

Red Horse Beer in its 500ml bottles is very popular among the people of the working class, its strong taste makes it loved at parties by those who are looking to have a blast. It’s less popularly described as a “wife-beater” due to its ability to get gentlemen drunk.

Other “wife-beater” beers consist of San Miguel, Fosters, and Stella Artois, to name a few.

What Does Red Horse Beer Taste Like?

Perhaps I’m not the right person to inquire about perfection. for me is a lovely chilled Tanduay Ice However, Red Horse tastes bitter and powerful. It’s an adult drink within the Philippines (hence the reason it’s not my cup of tea). It’s not quite as bad as “Super Brew”, or similar, but not strong enough for my delicate palate.

Drink it up! Red Horse in the Philippines If you have nothing else, test it. It is also possible to purchase smaller cans of 330ml that are not only cooler, but also taste fresher.

With a couple of Red Horse in ya, things can be more enjoyable in the Philippines.

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