What Is Rio Drink? China Drink Guide

What exactly is Rio drink? Rio Drink is a Chinese known brand belonging to the Alcopop family. It was created to compete with the strength of Bacardi Breezer, and it has become popular in the Chinese “girly drink” scene.

You must acknowledge the Chinese their due. Foreigners have an idea and the Chinese play around with, it and finally create the version they want to make. Through Oppo along with WeChat, this has been a great success. Dicos is not so much however they all work very well.

Rio is a little between the two.

History of Rio Drink?

2003, the company was founded in 2003 by Shanghai Bacchus Limited Company which is a subsidiary of the Australia-based Bacchus Distillery. The company was in the spirit of things like the Zhuhai drinks in Japan. Rio was born as an alcopop that was made to suit the preferences of Asians in a way that was more appealing than Bacardi Breezer which was already a juggernaut in China.

It also was to differentiate from Spy Wine Coolers, which you can learn more about here.

How Popular is Rio Drink?

Snow Beer is the best-selling beer in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s great. Rio and Breezers are the top two brands in their profits from the Chinese alcopop market. In 2015, they earned around 60 million dollars. They aren’t small-town Charlie’s!

What Countries Can You Buy Rio Drinks?

While it is primarily a Chinese thing, soft power is being used in other countries, for instance, Cambodia. It is, however, much more expensive here. Therefore, I will remain loyal to Spy.

Chinese Love To Copy Each Other

Ironically, you can find Chinese brands being copied by other Chinese brands more frequently than you can even find western imitations. A different Chinese business sold “Bio” in identical bottles. In essence, it was a direct copy. The lawsuit was filed and the company was fined however, it is still possible to purchase it.

What does Bio taste like? Awful. What does Rio taste like? It’s pretty damn good.

Is Rio Drink Bottled or Canned?

At first, it was only offered as a bottle, but now they have a cheaper option in cans.

What are The Various Varieties of RIO?

They come in all sorts of weird versions that are sugar-free and healthy which are similar to Tanguay Ice I steer clear of.

Oh my goodness! Tanduay Ice Here.

The general flavors are blue orange, pink, and green. They also possess a distinct flavor, more than just a color however, everyone recognizes them because of their color.

Who Drinks Rio?

Hmm, Chinese girls and me.

To read about the affection Chinese girls feel for Rio visit here

I am very grateful for my shamelessness. Long live Rio Drink China. It is not to be confused with soft drinks as well as it is a Brazilian city.

Where Is Rio Drink Popular Outside China?

Some time ago, I was in Cambodia the country where Rio is an extremely popular drink along with Spy the country – the bottles have been given a minor brand update to make them different and appealing to locals in Cambodia.

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