Is There Fast Food In Vietnam?

Are there fast-food restaurants in Vietnam? If you’ve stumbled across this blog as you’re thinking about the fast food industry in Vietnam I have great information for you! Vietnam has fast food and it’s in the most quantity! Therefore, if you’re going to Vietnam and you are concerned about getting a burger or fried chicken fix, you’ll be fine.

Does Vietnam Have Fast Food And What Choices Do I Have?

There are many major chains across Vietnam, including Burger King, and KFC, and lastly, the one to join the pack is Mcdonald’s. The most prominent player is Lotteria however, more about the kids in the future.

Mcdonald’s is currently not located in more than a handful of locations in Saigon. To say they’re not large in Vietnam is an understatement.

There is more to be worried about in Cambodia which is one of the countries that does not have a McDonald’s.

What Is The Largest Fast Food Restaurants In Vietnam?

Lotteria is a long shot. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing about Lotteria it is a massive Japanese/Korean company. You can find them all over Vietnam from railway stations and everywhere else.

The burgers are decent. I’ve got fewer positive opinions regarding their rice dish. I am not a fan of the rice dishes served at fast-food restaurants.

Lotteria has around 200 branches!

Is KFC In Vietnam?

KFC has 135 locations in Vietnam and Lotteria is the preferred fast food option in Vietnam. In addition, KFC was quick to get into the market, just similar to what it was in China.

Is McDonald’s In Vietnam?

There are only 17 stores in the southern part of the nation. They have entered the market after the fact and consumers just like Lotteria.

Is Burger King In Vietnam?

Burger King has a paltry 13 outlets in Vietnam. The company also entered the market quite late. They also came under fire in the year 2019 with allegations of racism. This caused the closing of their retail stores.

The “racist” add involved chopsticks which would later be replicated in the future by D&G in China which would cause an even greater backlash.

Is there Street Food In Vietnam?

Do you know if Vietnam offers fast food? Yes, it does. Do you require quick food when you travel to Vietnam? Largely you do not. Vietnam is home to 120 million people but less than 500 fast-food outlets. What makes eating fast food in Vietnam not a major issue?

The truth is that Vietnamese street food can be described as among the most delicious food in the world according to my opinion! Vietnamese street food is naturally very fast. This is why Americanized food is fast. Food is also costly when compared with the (fast) street food of this nation.

This is an example of the Vietnamese quick food scene. If you’re looking for a hamburger, visit Lotteria. In general, it’s difficult to decide on fast meals in Vietnam because other aspects of Vietnam’s cuisine scene are so varied.

Is Vietnam A Communist State?

Is Vietnam communist? Yes, they’re controlled by a communist political party. However, so is Chinaor China. China is KFC’s largest worldwide market. In other words, you can remain “communist” and still have fast food. North Korea has burgers and their own brewed beer after all!

To find out more about what a Socialist Country is, click this link.

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