YummyTasteFood Takes A Bite Out of The Online Food Scene with Acquisition of JimmyEatsWorld.com

YummyTasteFood, the premier online food magazine, is excited to announce the acquisition of JimmyEatsWorld.com, a well-renowned food and travel blog. The acquisition combines the expertise and influence of both entities to bring the audience an even more comprehensive and engaging food and travel experience.

Jimmy Eats World, known for its unique food and travel content, will now merge effective immediately and become a part of the YummyTasteFood family under the YTF Group umbrella.

This acquisition will bring together the power of exclusive food, travel, roundups, editorials, and interesting content to provide an all-encompassing source for food lovers and travel enthusiasts.

“We are thrilled to welcome JimmyEatsWorld.com to YummyTasteFood,” said Norah Clark, Founder, and Managing Editor of YummyTasteFood. “Together, we will provide a one-stop destination for food lovers and travelers to explore new recipes, travel destinations, and culinary experiences from around the world.”

YummyTasteFood and JimmyEatsWorld.com will continue to provide the same high-quality content and expertise, but with even more resources and opportunities for growth.

This acquisition marks a new chapter for both brands and the beginning of an exciting journey for the food and travel community.

As of today, www.jimmyeatsworld.com will now merge and migrate to www.yummytastefood.com – users on JimmyEatsWorld.com will be notified via email of this update and have the option to opt out of moving memberships and having their data removed as per our privacy policy and terms of conditions.

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David Ryckman

David Ryckman

David is an editor and PR officer for YummyTasteFood. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Commerce and London University with a degree in Business. He specializes in topics based on economics and food research from his degrees.