Best Lactose-Free Milk Brands [2023]

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What are the best lactose-free milk brands to choose from? The best lactose-free milk brands of 2022 are Organic Valley, Horizon, 360 by Whole Foods Market, Clover Sonoma, Happy Belly, Natrel, and Fairlife Yup. These brands all contain lactase enzyme and have been supplemented with vitamins D and A and is made from grade A or organic milk and do not contain growth hormones.

Milk is an essential ingredient item in fridges all over the world. It’s the perfect complement to your morning cup of cereal and can provide richness to smoothies and soups, and is delicious as a stand-alone drink in a large glass of chilled.

What if you are struggling to overcome lactose intolerance? Do you think you have to cut out milk for the rest of your life? Is there a different option?

Thankfully, the milk industry has been very active in the creation of lactose-free milk that tastes as delicious as its traditional counterparts.

Lactose is the main sugar found in milk. It is also the reason why some people lose the ability to absorb it after a certain time.

To break down lactose, you must produce an enzyme, known as lactase. As you age, the body ceases to produce enough lactase to digest dairy products.

Some estimates put the number of people suffering from lactose intolerance up to around 65%, but there are certain differences between ethnic groups and geographical locations. If you choose to drink lactose-free milk, you can enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits without the adverse consequences.

Explore the best lactose-free milk brands and valuable information on each milk brand!

The Best Lactose-Free Milk Brands

Here is a quick overview of the lactose-free milk brands I have researched and reviewed. I have also added the key feature of why each lactose-free brand was included:

BrandKey Feature
Organic Valley 2% Lactose-Free MilkPasture-raised cows
Horizon Organic Lactose-Free 2% MilkCreamy taste
365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Grade A MilkGreat price point
Clover Sonoma Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat MilkFamily-owned
Happy Belly Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat MilkMoney-back guarantee
Natrel Lactose Free 2% MilkShelf-stable
fairlife YUP! 2% Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered, Lactose Free MilkSmaller packages

1. Organic Valley 2% Lactose-Free milk

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Organic Valley Lactose Free Milk
Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk.

The first item on our list is fantastic organic milk with 2% lactose-free from Organic Valley which comes from pasture-raised cows.

Cows born in pastures are likely to produce more nutritious and tasty milk.

It also contains lactase, which helps to dissolve the lactose in milk, while keeping the delicious taste and nutritional value that is present in regular milk.

Since it’s organic, it does not contain any rBST. The company also enhances its milk with vitamin D and vitamins A.

They also have a range of other milk that range from 1% low-fat milk, whole milk, and chocolate milk that is low in fat therefore you are sure to find something that will suit every taste.

2. Horizon Organic Lactose-Free 2% Milk

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Horizon Organic Lactose Free Milk
Horizon Organic Lactose-Free Milk.

The next dairy on our list is a great 100 percent USDA Organically certified selection by Horizon Organic.

It is a lactase derivative that helps reduce the sugar in milk known as lactose. This causes digestive problems commonly associated with lactose intolerance.

It also contains vitamin A as well as D for the highest nutritional value. The milk is delicious and you’ll never be able to tell it’s lactose-free until you check the label.

Because the milk is organic, you can be sure that it doesn’t have any remaining pesticides or hormones, or antibiotics.

If you’re in search of an alternative that is laced with some milk fat to give it a more creamy texture and taste, it is possible to consider Horizon Organic Lactose-Free Whole Milk.

3. 360 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Grade A Milk

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This selection is available from Whole Foods’ in-house brand 365 and is made of USDA-certified organic Grade A milk. It’s an excellent price for a lactose-free product.

The company is proud of not excessively pasteurizing its milk which means it is less shelf-life however it has a more pronounced flavor.

Ultra-pasteurization raises the temperature of your milk to a greater temperature which may affect the flavor of the milk.

It has the lactase enzyme to break lactose sugar into two easily digestible sugars, namely galactose and glucose.

This breakdown can ease signs of intolerance to lactose, so you can enjoy the milk you love without any pain. Additionally, it has vitamins D and A.

4. Clover Sonoma Lactose Zero 2% Fat-Reduced Milk

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The two brands next that are listed are identical in terms of their quality, so the decision is based on your preference in flavor and the price that’s best within your financial budget.

Clover Sonoma is a great choice because it is made with milk from family-owned farms located in Northern California.

As with other brands on this listing, these also add lactase as well as vitamin D and vitamins A to their milk to eliminate lactose and enhance the nutritional quality.

The cows they care for are not treated with rBST and are treated according to the rules of American Humane Certified animal welfare standards.

Although it’s not confirmed scientifically, however, I believe that happy cows produce delicious and healthy milk!

Additionally, Clover Sonoma also does weekly and daily tests of their milk to be sure it’s below federal and state standards for bacteria count in their milk.

This will ensure that delicious and safe milk when you bring it into your home.

If you’re in search of an alternative to milk that is creamier there is also lactose-free whole milk.

In the end, if chocolate milk is what you prefer, you can get lactose-free, whole chocolate milk for a delicious and smooth alternative.

5. Happy Belly Lactose-free 2 1 % Reduced-Fat Milk

The next milk is from Amazon’s brand, Happy Belly, which is an alternative for those searching for milk that is lactose-free and great tasting.

It is made of Grade A cow milk that is not treated with rBST.

It is enriched with vitamins A and D and has lactase in it to improve digestion and lessen lactose intolerance symptoms.

The best thing about the milk is they provide an unconditional money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the milk.

This milk is the perfect choice to test in case you’re searching for the best brand.

If milk with 2% isn’t your cup of tea, they offer dairy-free milk that will be more creamy.

If you’re looking for a less fat option, they offer one percent lactose-free milk also.

6. Natrel Lactose No cost 22% Mil

The two next names on the list can be considered shelves-stable. These are excellent options for those who wish to carry their milk wherever they go, or would like to stock up on their pantry but don’t have a lot of space in their fridge.

Natrel Lactose-Free Milk does not contain any preservatives or additives, and is based on pasteurization and sealing to ensure the milk stays fresh, even when it is not in the refrigerator.

Lactase is a component of their milk to break down lactose to make an intolerant choice. It is supplemented by vitamins A as well as D.

There are a variety of alternatives for lactose-free milk If you’re looking to test different amounts of fat in milk to create a more or less creamy milk, such as Natrel 1 percent Lactose-Free milk and Natrel Lactose-Free Whole Milk.

7. Fair life YUP! 2.2% Lower Fat Ultra-Filtered, Lactose-Free Milk

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The final choice that we have listed comes in smaller serving sizes and can be stored for a long time. If you are a parent or are frequently traveling for work, then fair life YUP! lactose-free milk may be the ideal choice for you.

They are available in 14 fluid-ounce size bottles which you can store in the pantry or keep in the refrigerator.

It is milk is lactose-free and contains vitamin D and A. It also has vitamin E which is a natural preservative.

It does have natural flavors, so it could be slightly different in taste than milk that is pure lactose-free.

It’s also not clear if it’s the Grade A category of milk which is something to think about in deciding if it’s the best option for you.

How To Select The Best Lactose-Free Milk

If you’re trying to find the most suitable lactose-free dairy product for your needs first step you need to determine is what kind of milk you’re seeking and the best way to make use of it.

Do you desire rich whole milk? Are you in search of unfit or low-fat milk for cereal? Do you need shelf-stable, stable milk to take along on your travels?

Below, I’ve listed different kinds of milk, so that no matter your preference, you can find ideal lactose-free milk to test out.

Contains Lactase Enzyme

To get rid of lactose in milk most companies employ an enzyme that digests lactose called lactase. The enzyme will break down lactose sugar found in the milk so that your body does not have to attempt to reduce it for you.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance in your body, it isn’t able to produce sufficient lactase. This could cause discomfort you could feel in regular milk.

If they add lactase into their products, you’ll get amazing lactose-free milk that remains the same as regular milk.

Fortified with Vitamins A and D

A lot of top-quality milk adds vitamin A and D into their products to increase the nutritional description that their products offer. Making milk that is lactose-free your food is an excellent option to take in vitamin D and calcium throughout the entire day.

Certified Organic

When cows that produce milk receive a healthy diet The benefits in terms of nutrition and flavor are passed on in the milk which you drink.

Organic milk is also derived from cows that haven’t been given growth hormones, or antibiotics, which can end up in their milk.

When you select organic milk, you’ll get a clean and delicious glass of milk without the possibility of contamination by pesticides and antibiotics.

Grade A Milk

If you cannot locate organic-certified milk grade A is what you need to check for on the labels. This indicates that the milk was handled in a safe and safe environment and is free of contamination.

Look for Milk That Is RBST Free

RBST stands for recombinant bovine somatotropin. This is a kind of synthetic growth hormone that boosts milk production.

It is not legal to use in some countries, like Canada, the European Union, and Canada.

The problem with rBST is that it could cause an increase in infections in cows taking it.

This increased infection will require the use of antibiotics in more ways and, as we’ve seen the antibiotics could pass into milk that is then absorbed into your body.

Bonus: A2 Protein Milk

People with lactose intolerances could also be sensitive to certain dairy proteins which can result in similar discomforts similar to lactose intolerance.

The protein most people react to is the A1 protein that is found in milk.

Some companies are now beginning to sell milk that doesn’t include any A1 proteins, and it comes from cows that only produce A2 proteins.

This change could make the milk more digestible and allow you to still enjoy all the taste and nutritional value of a good glass.

Extra: A2 Milk Company 2% Milk A2 Milk Company 2% Milk

If you’ve found that cutting lactose out doesn’t eliminate your milk reactions it could be that you are susceptible to a specific kind of protein known as casein, which is found within dairy foods.

Many brands make use of milk that contains high levels of casein A1, a protein that can cause discomfort in those who are allergic or sensitive to this protein.

The company utilizes milk that is certified to contain only casein A2 which is less likely to trigger symptoms of sinus or digestive issues.

The brand is enriched with vitamins D and A and is free of rBST. Although it’s not lactose-free it might be worth a look when you’ve tried the brands listed above and are still having issues after drinking your milk.

They also sell softer whole milk with only cases in A2 proteins.

If you’re in search of an alternative that doesn’t contain fat, you must test their fat-free version.

Another great option is their powdered milk it is a great option if you’re looking to store some in your purse or take it along when traveling. It is packed in a bag that can be resealed and is shelf-stable.


If you suffer from lactose intolerance or have a family member or friend who suffers from it, you’re now equipped with all the information needed for making an educated choice on the best milk that is lactose-free.

Make sure you look for products that have lactase enzymes and have added vitamins D and A and are derived from organically-raised cows and are certified Grade A and do not contain growth hormones.

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